Eating is probably one of the first things most riders participate in after a long day of riding or a day at the races.

The hard core rider is serious about the sport and takes the old saying "You are what you eat" to heart. Others give themselves a food "award" for a hard fought race and there are some riders who jump on the opportunity to splurge on anything because of the calories consumed riding a dirt bike.

Whatever the case, your post-race meal (or beverage) says a lot about you and may even signal just how well you did. Here's a rundown of some common and perhaps not so common post-race meals. Bon Appetit!

  1. Steak and Potatoes

You're starved - you need protein and carbs to replenish those warn muscles. You also raced well and this is your reward. A Sirloin steak cooked medium-rare with a loaded baked potato on the side. Now that says a Moto well done.

Mmmmm...Nothing says race well done more than a medium rare steak

  1. Energy Drink

You're probably sponsored by Red Bull, Rockstar or Monster depending on which one you drink - or you simply guzzle the company's beverage you're hoping to get a sponsor with.

Ken Roczen enjoys Red Bull for his post-race meal

  1. Water

Hard core privateer. It's all you can afford.

Cheap refreshment

  1. Beer

You're the ultimate weekend warrior. Racing or trail riding - you don't care. A few hours in and you're already thinking of those sudsy bubbles spilling over the side of a frozen pint glass. Beer = riding day is done.

Ohhh, Yeahhh - Photo: Widmer Brewing

  1. High Protein Shake

As dictated by your trainer you wolf these down at precisely the right moment after the checkered flag. It is, after all, one reason why you challenge for the podium every week.

Buy some here!

  1. Muscle Milk

See entry under Energy Drink. Or Trey Canard is your favorite rider.

Teammates Kailub Russell and Charlie Mullins are Muscle Milk connoisseurs

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Racing doubles as an almost detox cleanse for you. Replacing the sweat and electrolytes lost during your Moto with an assortment of fruits and vegetables is the ultimate Motocross health kick. Eaten by the handful or pureed in a blender, you can't stop until you get enough.

This is a great post-race meal...

  1. Fast Food

You're young and riding dirt bikes is still more about the image rather than the sport. Your vocabulary includes Mickey D's, Jack in the Crack and CJs. INO Dude! OK, In N Out is perfectly acceptable post-race eating.

...this not so great - Photo:

  1. Spaghetti

It's always a good time to carbo load. Just because the race is over doesn't mean riding is over. A post-race spaghetti meal means you're already gearing up for weekday practice runs.

Vi piace il cibo italiano

  1. Candy/Sweets

This is your one vice. Snickers does indeed satisfy so does your choice in post-race candy or sweets. This may be a habit kept from childhood or an immediate craving for carbs. Whatever the case, you usually follow with something a bit more Motopropriate. Yes - you heard it here first. Motopropriate.

You get a pass as long as it followed by something nutritious

  1. Champagne

You stepped on the podium. Most of the time it's shared with complete strangers or at least sprayed on complete strangers.

The ultimate post-race meal!

Do you have a favorite post-race meal? Does it fall in any of the above categories or do you engorge in something entirely different? Let us know your favorite meal and when and where it's enjoyed.