Portland, OR (June 27, 2022) - MotoSport.com released the second episode of the acclaimed three-part series entitled Driven to Ride which takes a professional two-wheel racer out of their chosen discipline and challenges them outside their comfort zone.

Riders of all skill levels can use the advice and expertise of a certified coach with the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA) especially when stepping outside their comfort zone and trying a type of riding just a bit different than their normal routine. The MotoSport.com produced video series Driven to Ride takes professional two-wheel athletes and challenges them to ride something new and different with extraordinary results.

In Episode 2, Dakota Norton, a professional mountain bike athlete, gets trained by Motocross legend Jeff Emig, the always popular Josh Hansen and up-and-coming rider Max Miller. Through advice and instruction from the three dirt bike riding pros, Norton attempts to transfer his skills as an elite downhill mountain bike racer to a gas-powered two-wheeled machine at Fox Raceway, a national level MX track.

"Watching Dakota more or less surrender his skills as an expert rider and fully commit to the teachings of Jeff, Josh and Max with extraordinary results, was truly inspirational," said Scott Huddleston, Vice President and General Manager of MotoSport. "Riding a mountain bike fast and with skill doesn't equate to quickly mastering a dirt bike."

Join us as we continue our journey following professional racers from one specialty of two-wheel racing who become beginner riders in a similar field but outside their chosen talent. With the assistance of USMCA coaches, these athletes learn a new way to ride demonstrating that regardless of your riding ability or discipline, everyone can benefit from coaching.

Coaching and proper technique is important to become a better rider which is why MotoSport.com has partnered with USMCA to help riders of all skill levels find the right coach. The right coach or trainer can unlock that next level of mastery for a beginner or help a professional find that extra tenth of a second. Becoming better riders makes riding more fun and having fun keeps us Driven to Ride.

Stay tuned for the final installment of the Driven to Ride series in the fall of 2022.

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