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Thor 2018 Static Knee Guards Thor 2018 Static Knee Guards DanP - De Soto, MO 63020, USA I love mine! "I don't even notice them. Only bad thing I can say is, if you have big calf muscles. They are pretty small in that area. Work great for me. I'm 5'-8" or 9", 158lbs"
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Thor 2018 Force XP Knee Guards Thor 2018 Force XP Knee Guards motohunter - Boulder, CO, USA great protection for the price "I was looking for a stp up from a basic guard without going into a full knee brace/guard, so I liked that this appeared to give some lateral support. Upon receiving them the lateral torsion is not a stiff as it could be, but for the price I am still very happy with the protection level. The full patella cup is substantial, as is all of the internal padding. On leg, this feels like a very substantial guard, and I have been very happy with how it has done in the falls I have taken so far. This guard fastens with a series of different straps and I could see how you might get some rubbing, however I have gone to wearing the Thor Comp Knee Sleeves underneath and this has helped a ton to keep any rubbing down, and keeps the sweat down as well. Which brings me to the last thing I have seen mentioned on other reviews, these are a little warm. I dont usually have much of an issue with over heating, and in cases that I have, these knee guards were not really the cause. Bottom line, for the level of protection they provide, the breathability has not been any real down grade. I LOVE THESE GUARDS! AWESOME PRODUCT THOR!"
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