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GYTR Rear Grab Bar - Silver GYTR Rear Grab Bar - Silver Jessup - Tacoma, WA, USA Not The Same As Picture On Site "The rear grab bar on the web page is different from what you get. The one on the web page is the same color and texture of the stock handlebars, a-arms and the bumper. The product (GYTR) that is pictured on the web page looks to have the same texture and color as the stock parts but I found that the parts is polished and very shiny which does not match anything on the bike. I know it is a small detail but it just does not match my sons quad parts which he noticed right away. I ended up sending this part back and ordered the stock OEM part which has not arrived yet but should be here on Tuesday Sept 30th. If you like shiny bars on your quad than this is the part for you. The part is not of Motosports doing because the part is what Yamaha sends them."
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