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Acerbis Rear View Mirror Acerbis Rear View Mirror FirecrackerJim - Helena, MT, USA The other reviewers do not understand this product "This product is excellent for satisfying the legal requirement for having a mirror on board. End of story. It is nice and light,And durable. It is not a great mirror,And that's okay. I don't actually use the mirrors on my Dirt Bike, Trials Bike, Rokon, or Quads, But I am legally required to have them. When using it for this purpose,This mirror is great,And it fits anywhere."
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Acerbis Rear View Mirror Acerbis Rear View Mirror GoJonGo - Truckee, Ca Acerbis REar View Mirror "Got this mirror for my cruiser bike. Since it was made out of plastic it was too flexible so even small bumps would cause it to shake. The constant shaking made it impossible to see with it. I had ordered another mirror made out of metal that was similar just so I could see which one preform better. The second mirror was far better, but cost more at $35. Both have pretty small mirror on them though, but in the end I could see out of one and couldn't see anything with the Acerbis."
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