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ASV F4 Series Pro Pack Brake and Clutch Set
ASV F4 Series Pro Pack Brake and Clutch Set

$225.00 - $275.00

Select your ride to see if this brake & clutch lever set fits


  • Product Details

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / Shorty BCF40106PH-SK, BCF41506PH-SK, BCF41506PX-SK, BCF40506PX-SK, BCF42506PX-SK, BCF4A206PX-SK, BCF4A206PHC-SK, BCF41606PX-SK, BCF4A506PX-SK, BCF4A306PX-SK, BCF4A106PX-SK, BCF40506YPX-SK, BCF40106YPX-SK, BCF41306YPX-SK, BCF40106YPH-SK, BCF41306YPH-SK
    Black / Standard BCF40106PX-K, BCF40106PH-K, BCF41506PH-K, BCF41506PX-K, BCF40506PX-K, BCF42506PX-K, BCF4A206PX-K, BCF4A206PHC-K, BCF41606PX-K, BCF4A506PX-K, BCF4A106PX-K, BCF40506YPX-K, BCF40106YPX-K, BCF41306YPX-K, BCF40106YPH-K, BCF41306YPH-K
    Blue / Shorty BCF40106PX-SB, BCF40106PH-SB, BCF41506PH-SB, BCF41506PX-SB, BCF4A506PX-SB, BCF4A306PX-SB, BCF4A106PX-SB, BCF40506YPX-SB, BCF40106YPX-SB, BCF41306YPX-SB, BCF40106YPH-SB, BCF41306YPH-SB
    Blue / Standard BCF40106PX-B, BCF40106PH-B, BCF41506PH-B, BCF41506PX-B, BCF4A506PX-B, BCF4A306PX-B, BCF4A106PX-B, BCF40506YPX-B, BCF40106YPX-B, BCF41306YPX-B, BCF40106YPH-B, BCF41306YPH-B
    Red / Shorty BCF40106PX-SR, BCF40106PH-SR, BCF41506PH-SR, BCF41506PX-SR, BCF41306PH-SR, BCF41306PX-SR
    Red / Standard BCF40106PX-R, BCF40106PH-R, BCF41506PH-R, BCF41506PX-R, BCF41306PH-R, BCF41306PX-R, BCF42506PX-R, BCF4A206PX-R, BCF4A206PHC-R, BCF41606PX-R