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Woodcraft Complete Rearset Kit
Woodcraft Complete Rearset Kit

$332.49 - $721.99
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Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars


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4.8 out of 5 stars
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Verified Purchaser
1 year 3 months ago New Jersey
5 out of 5 stars
Easy to install, works great!

Installed on my 2018 Ninja 400 and it was a straightforward, simple installation. Only issue I ran into is not realizing before ordering that it doesn't have a clip for the rear brake lights to make the bike street legal. Was an easy fix with an additional pressure line thing if you want to ride the bike off the track.
The pegs are adjustable for different styles and it looks great.


Verified Purchaser
Over 7 years ago Manassas VA
5 out of 5 stars
Xb awesome

Love this rear set gives the bike a racer feel plus some extra ground clearance... Both brake and shift lever toes are adjustable... For the price you can't best it... Highly recommended


Verified Purchaser
Over 7 years ago Austin, TX
4 out of 5 stars
Look Great on bike

These rearsets are awesome GP shift and necessary to make the change on my S3R. THe directions had a lack of pictures but as long as you read along the directions every thing works wonderfully. Since they are the least expensive rearsets you prob get what you pay for in directions.


Over 7 years ago Bellingham, WA
5 out of 5 stars
The BOMB! Must buy item!

If you want a more aggressive stance, clean look, and meaty pegs and foot controls, these are for you. Much better than stock IMO. You will lose your rear brake return springs, since you won't need them hence when applying the rear brake you won't have a taillight because these are for "track use only"? Aka not for street use. Also on the brake side it does not come with a heel gaurd so instead of putting my beat one's back on I left it clean.

5 Questions

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Question asked by Shawden

Question: Does the rearset have the pegs for the passenger as well?
Question asked 1 year 9 months ago
I have a 2012 ninja 650 and the rearset s are connected. Does this have the driver pegs as well as the passenger pegs?
Question answered by DaveGearhead
User's contributor status: Top 1
Question answered 1 year 9 months ago
Answer: No. The rearset kit is only for the rider. There are no rearsets made for passengers on any bike.
Question answered by Michael
User's contributor status: Top 10
Question answered 1 year 9 months ago
Answer: These rear sets are only for the driver, the passanger foot pegs will be a different set as these are an upgrade for racing applications for the track.

Question asked by AbuMishary

Question: Rear Brake Light Switch
Question asked 2 years 10 months ago
Is this unit PNP for a ninja 300 (250 for asia version)? Or does it need an entra part, i.e : banjo part for the rear brake light?

Question asked by Dwayne

Question: Are these fully adjustable ? Or higher and further back then oem ?
Question asked Over 3 years ago

Question asked by duke

Question: Can i get just the peg?, i need a new peg, not the whole new set
Question asked Over 4 years ago
Question answered by MotoSportExpert
User's contributor status: MotoSport Staff Expert
Question answered Over 4 years ago
Answer: Yes the Woodcraft Rearset Replacement Peg can be found here:

Question asked by Cameron

Question: Does the cbr600rr rearset allow me to KEEP the kickstand? I don't want to eliminate it.
Question asked Over 6 years ago
Question answered by MotosportStaff
User's contributor status: MotoSport Staff
Question answered Over 6 years ago
Answer: The complete rear sets with pedals does in fact eliminate the kickstand since it is a race specific type application. I suggest checking out their rear sets with a shifter, which gives you the OPTION to remove the kickstand.


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Black / GP Shift 05-0751B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0752B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0750B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0625B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0640B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0660B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0338B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-4128B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0129B
Black / GP Shift 05-0169B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0168B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0147B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0149B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0249B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0250B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0247B
Black / GP Shift 05-0501B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0500B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0452B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0339B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-4131EB
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-4130B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-4447B
Black / GP Shift 05-0449B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0448B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0755B
Black / GP Shift 05-0641B
Black / GP Shift 05-0671B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0670B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0650B
Black / GP Shift 05-0316B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0315B
Black / GP Shift 05-0376B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0375B
Black / GP Shift 05-0306B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0305B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0125B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-4133B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0150B
Black / GP Shift 05-4227B
Black / Standard Shift 05-4225B
Black / Standard Shift 05-4228B
Black / GP Shift 05-0506B
Black / GP Shift Race 05-0505B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0502B
Black / GP Shift Race 05-0511B
Black / GP Shift 05-0507B
Black / GP Shift Race 05-0503B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0504B
Black / GP Shift Race With Quickshift 05-0512B
Black / GP Shift 05-0508B
Black / Standard 05-0509B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0409B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0454B
Black / GP Shift 05-0404B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0403B
Black / GP Shift 05-0648B
Black / Standard Shift 05-0647B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0652B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0170B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0416B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0144B
Black / Standard/GP Shift / No OE Quickshifter 05-0342B
Black / Standard / No OE Quickshifter 05-0513B
Black / Standard / For OE Quickshifter 05-0514B
Black / GP Shift / No OE Quickshifter 05-0515B
Black / GP Shift / For OE Quickshifter 05-0516B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0739B
Black / Standard / For OE Quickshifter 05-0151B
Black / GP Shift / For OE Quickshifter 05-0152B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0790B
Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-4407B
Silver / GP Shift 05-0805B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0640BA
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0145B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0337B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0330B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0332B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0335B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0140B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0245B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0240B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0220B
Silver / High / Standard/GP Shift 05-0222B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0212B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0210B
Silver / Standard Shift 05-0425B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0447B
Silver / GP Shift 05-0442B
Silver / Standard Shift 05-0440B
Silver / Standard Shift 05-0740B
Silver / GP Shift 05-0741B
Silver / Standard Shift 05-0742B
Silver / GP Shift 05-0221B
Silver / GP Shift High 05-0223B
Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0407B
Silver / GP Shift 05-0743B
Silver / Standard Shift 05-0744B