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Woodcraft Complete Rearset Kit
Woodcraft Complete Rearset Kit

$351.49 - $740.99
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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / GP Shift 05-0751B, 05-0169B, 05-0501B, 05-0449B, 05-0641B, 05-0671B, 05-0316B, 05-0376B, 05-4227B, 05-0506B, 05-0507B, 05-0508B, 05-0404B, 05-0648B, 05-0457B, 05-0757B, 05-0759B, 05-4229B
    Black / GP Shift / For OE Quickshifter 05-0516B, 05-0152B
    Black / GP Shift / No OE Quickshifter 05-0515B
    Black / GP Shift Race 05-0505B, 05-0511B, 05-0503B
    Black / GP Shift Race With Quickshift 05-0512B
    Black / GP Shift/Eccentric 05-0108B
    Black / Standard 05-0509B
    Black / Standard / For OE Quickshifter 05-0514B, 05-0151B
    Black / Standard / No OE Quickshifter 05-0513B
    Black / Standard Shift 05-0750B, 05-0168B, 05-0500B, 05-0670B, 05-0315B, 05-0375B, 05-0125B, 05-4225B, 05-4228B, 05-0502B, 05-0504B, 05-0403B, 05-0647B
    Black / Standard Shift/05-0448B 05-0448B
    Black / Standard Shift/05-0456B 05-0456B
    Black / Standard Shift/Eccentric /Fitment 87 05-0107B
    Black / Standard/GP Shift 05-0752B, 05-0625B, 05-0640B, 05-0660B, 05-0338B, 05-4128B, 05-0129B, 05-0165B, 05-0147B, 05-0149B, 05-0249B, 05-0250B, 05-0247B, 05-0452B, 05-0339B, 05-4131EB, 05-4130B, 05-4447B, 05-0755B, 05-0650B, 05-4133B, 05-0150B, 05-0409B, 05-0454B, 05-0652B, 05-0170B, 05-0416B, 05-0144B, 05-0739B, 05-0790B, 05-4407B, 05-0655B, 05-0307B
    Black / Standard/GP Shift / No OE Quickshifter 05-0342B
    Silver / GP Shift 05-0442B, 05-0741B, 05-0221B, 05-0743B
    Silver / GP Shift High 05-0223B
    Silver / High / Standard/GP Shift 05-0222B
    Silver / Standard Shift 05-0425B, 05-0440B, 05-0740B, 05-0742B, 05-0744B
    Silver / Standard/GP Shift 05-0640BA, 05-0145B, 05-0337B, 05-0330B, 05-0332B, 05-0335B, 05-0140B, 05-0110B, 05-0245B, 05-0240B, 05-0220B, 05-0212B, 05-0210B, 05-0447B, 05-0407B, 05-0426B