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Wiseco 2-Stroke Piston
Wiseco 2-Stroke Piston

$ 72.00 - $ 167.00
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Description See Also: 7 Reviews 17 Questions Fitment Part Numbers
Item #WCO000U

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7 Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars
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All Reviews
Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Works great

Brought an old pw80 back to life, runs better than ever!

Verified Purchaser
Maricopa AZ
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Awesome piston

Great replacement piston

Verified Purchaser
Ronald, Wa
Incomplete top end kit

Wiseco makes a great product, but when you buy a top end kit, you're gonna want a new caged needle bearing in my opinion, and this kit does not come with that so you'll have to order that on the side. I don't know why they don't include one, a lot of there kits do. Really it just boils down to, make sure you read the inventory list before you buy.

Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 4/5

Verified Purchaser
Central, VA, USA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Worked great in my 97 RT 180

I;ve never replaced a piston before but had the service manual on hand. The Wiseco piston was packaged in a nice felt bag and had a very clear instruction booklet. I used my service manual for specs and had to file a little off the ring ends to get the minimum ring end gap. I'd buy another Wiseco for sure!

Verified Purchaser
Ephrata, PA, USA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
It's a Wiseco, Nuff said.

Saw the Wiseco reps at the Hi Point National. Could'nt thank them enough for helping to keep my 1978 RM125 running strong.

Illinois, USA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
PW50 Top End

Replaced Top end on a PW50. Cylinder, Cylinder head, pistion, rings, circlips, gaskets, & new nuts.All parts came in within 5 days. Everything matched up perfectly. I have done plenty of business with Motosport over the years. They have good prices & parts & service are excellent!

17 Questions
Answered:   17
Not Yet:   0
Q: Will it fit a 70mm bore Honda 2stroke air cooled bike
1 month 17 days ago
Top 10
1 month 17 days ago
A: You need to find the exact bore size, which bike is this for? Make, model, year?
Q: Is this a 56 mm piston 
3 months 6 days ago
Top 10
3 months 6 days ago
A: All of the Wiseco pistons are model-specific.
To help us to find the correct piston to fit, please tell us the year, make, and model of your motorcycle.
Q: Where can I find top end gasket kit for 1982 yz250
Over 5 months ago
Top 10
Over 5 months ago
A: Unfortunately we do not offer a top end gasket kit for your bike. I would suggest contacting Cometic gaskets. They will likely be able to assist you.
Q: What's a 534M07150 cause my 86lt250 has been bored out but I don't know how much and that was the piston #
Over 7 months ago
Top 10
Over 7 months ago
A: This is a 0.60 oversized piston, the bore size is 71.50mm and the fitment shows that 534M07150 fits a 1985/1986 LT250R
Q: What size piston would be a 534M07150
Over 7 months ago
Top 10
Over 7 months ago
A: This is a 0.60 oversized piston, the bore size is 71.50mm and the fitment shows that 534M07150 fits a 1985/1986 LT250R
Q: What is a stock size for a pw80 2005 piston really need to know for I can order the exact one instead of a fake one please an thank you.
Over 7 months ago
Top 10
Over 7 months ago
A: 47
Q: I have a Yamaha YZ80 1984 and was wondering if this piston is the same stock dimensions and would fit right away or would I have to bore out my motor
Over 11 months ago
Top 10 Contributor
Over 11 months ago
A: These are sold in stock bore and oversized options.
Q: I have a 1988 KX250 and the bore measures 69.7mm...what size piston do I need?
1 year ago
Top 10 Contributor
1 year ago
A: We do not offer a Wiseco piston for your 1988 KX250. Wiseco's largest size on their site is a 2.10 overbore which comes out to 69.50mm.
Q: Oversized big bore pistons
2 years 2 months ago
I bought an 81 Honda atc 250r and come to find out the top end needed a piston so I ordered a stock piston for it which was 70mm ,,it came to me and I go to replace it and a nother surprise its ben big bored out to a 75mm piston which would now make it to a 310 or 350 cc not a 250r... cant find for the life of me a 75mm piston for this air-cooled 81 Honda atc.. wisco dosent make them no more please help
Top 25
2 years 2 months ago
A: Very sorry to hear your struggle with this older build. Please try getting in touch with vertex or cp pistons to see if they make a piston that would work for your application. Here are links to reach out to them.
Q: What is the compression height on a Suzuki Rm80 1983-1985 piston?
Over 3 years ago
Can't find this information and I need to know if it is the same as the newer Rm80 which is 27mm.Thanks
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago
A: Wiseco does not provide that information. I would try contacting them directly at Toll Free: 1-800-321-1364 or 1-888-494-7326 (Canada)
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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Stock Bore 764M05400
.160" Oversize 788M05800
Stock Bore 798M04700
.010" Oversize 818M06700
.060" Oversize 826M04250
Stock Bore 848M06250
Stock Bore 849M06640
Stock Bore 850M07200
.040" Oversize 222M04800
Stock Bore 222M04700
.020" Oversize 234M07050
.040" Oversize 234M07100
.080" Oversize 234M07200
Stock Bore 234M07000
.020" Oversize 405M06750
.040" Oversize 405M06800
Stock Bore 405M06700
Stock Bore 430M05600
.020" Oversize 431M07050
.040 431M07100
.060" Oversize 431M07150
.080" Oversize 431M07200
Stock Bore 431M07000
.040" Oversize 432M05500
.060" Oversize 432M05550
.080" Oversize 432M05600
.040" Oversize 435M05700
.080" Oversize 435M05800
Stock Bore 435M05600
.020" Oversize 439M07050
.040" Oversize 439M07100
Stock Bore 439M07000
Stock Bore 446M04800
.020" Oversize 448M05600
.040" Oversize 448M05650
.060" Oversize 448M05700
.080" Oversize 448M05750
Stock Bore 448M05550
.040" Oversize 452M07100
.080" Oversize 452M07200
Stock Bore 452M07000
.020" Oversize 456M04950
.060" Oversize 534M07150
.080" Oversize 534M07200
Stock Bore 534M07000
.040" Oversize 539M04900
Stock Bore 539M04800
Stock Bore 540M05600
.060" Oversize 542M04900
.080" Oversize 542M04950
Stock Bore 542M04750
.040" Oversize 552M06800
.080" Oversize 552M06900
Stock Bore 552M06700
.020" Oversize 569M04850
.040" Oversize 569M04900
Stock Bore 569M04800
.020" Oversize 579M04800
.040" Oversize 579M04850
Stock Bore 579M04750
.020" Oversize 649M04750
.040" Oversize 649M04800
.060" Oversize 649M04850
.080" Oversize 649M04900
Stock Bore 649M04700
.020" Oversize 653M04050
.040" Oversize 653M04100
.060" Oversize 653M04150
.080" Oversize 653M04200
Stock Bore 653M04000
.020" Oversize 771M05250
.040" Oversize 771M05300
Stock Bore 771M05200
.020" Oversize 772M06500
.040" Oversize 772M06550
Stock Bore 772M06450
.060" Oversize 818M06850
Stock Bore 818M06680
.020" Oversize 826M04150
.040" Oversize 826M04200
.040" Oversize 456M05000
.080" Oversize 456M05100
Stock Bore 456M04900
.040" Oversize 457M05000
.080" Oversize 465M05100
.040" Oversize 466M06700
.080" Oversize 466M06800
Stock Bore 466M06600
.040" Oversize 477M04800
.080" Oversize 477M04900
.020" Oversize 478M08750
.040" Oversize 478M08800
.080" Oversize 478M08900
Stock Bore 478M08700
.020" Oversize 485M07050
.080" Oversize 485M07200
Stock Bore 485M07000
Stock Bore 486M05600
.020" Oversize 493M05000
.060" Oversize 493M05100
.040" Oversize 497M05000
Stock Bore 497M04900
.080" Oversize 508M05000
.040" Oversize 509M05050
.060" Oversize 509M05100
.040" Oversize 511M05500
.080" Oversize 511M05600
Stock Bore 511M05400
.040" Oversize 514M04900
Stock Bore 514M04800
.020" Oversize 515M06850
.040" Oversize 515M06900
.080" Oversize 515M07000
Stock Bore 515M06800
.020" Oversize 518M05450
.040" Oversize 518M05500
.060" Oversize 518M05550
.080" Oversize 518M05600
Stock Bore 518M05400
.040" Oversize 519M05500
.080" Oversize 519M05600
Stock Bore 519M05400
.020" Oversize 520M04850
.040" Oversize 520M04900
.060" Oversize 520M04950
.080" Oversize 520M05000
Stock Bore 520M04800
.020" Oversize 534M07050
.040" Oversize 534M07100
.020" Oversize 673M05050
.040" Oversize 673M05100
.060" Oversize 673M05150
.080" Oversize 673M05200
Stock 673M05000