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Vortex V3 2.0 Brake / Clutch Lever Combo
Vortex V3 2.0 Brake / Clutch Lever Combo

$126.98 - $157.16
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Item #VTX004G

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18 Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Miagi Verified Purchaser
Over 5 months ago Santa Rosa
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Great features

These are the second set I have purchased. I have a set on my 1100 Ninja and Concours 1400 .The levers are easy to install and the ajustablity is outstanding. Quicker reaction time and better feel.

Dave Verified Purchaser
Over 6 months ago Dallas, Texas
Durability4/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance4/5Style3/5
Great upgrade from factory levers.

These levers went on easily, and they make a big difference in feel from the factory levers. I did have to adjust the hand position a little but, I think I was choked up too much on the factory levers, but now I'm used to them and they ride and feel great.

Genesis Verified Purchaser
Over 8 months ago
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5

Bought this to replace stock lever on a 1995 vfr 750f, install was quick and lever looks and works great

Genesis Verified Purchaser
Over 8 months ago
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5

Bought this for a 95 vfr750, Install was quick and the lever looks great

Boatnbike Verified Purchaser
1 year ago Oregon
Durability4/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance4/5Style4/5
Easy installation

These levers are really easy to install when I did a complete restoration on my bike after it went down. For a while I wasn’t happy with the length of pull until I realized that my nephew had adjusted them when I wasn’t looking. The only issue I do have with them is the lack of radius on the corners, making them fairly uncomfortable with frequent use. I would buy them again and recommend them to anyone else looking for an inexpensive set of levers

Will Verified Purchaser
1 year 1 month ago New york
Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Great product

Works and fits perfectly. Love the feel too!

Jimmy Verified Purchaser
1 year 2 months ago Phoenix, AZ
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Feels and looks great!

I bought the shorty clutch and brake levers, wish they had red, but they were easy to assemble and put on, didn’t find my Vortex stickers with my product so I called Vortex... I love Vortex, they have my ride looking sweet! Nothing like free advertising, and a Kool looking ride!

1 year 2 months ago Phoenix, AZ
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Perfect fit

They were the only company that I could get these overnight, it looks great and is a perfect fit!

1 year 2 months ago Phoenix, AZ
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Look Great!

they were easy to install, they look really great and after my first ride, they feel awesome!

Miagi Verified Purchaser
1 year 3 months ago Santa Rosa
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Great investment

Great levers easy to install and tons of useful adjustments. Now I don't get in trouble at the track for cutting my levers short lol

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4 Questions
Answered:   3
Not Yet:   1
Q: Will any company just say how long/ reduced the short levers are. I want 2 fingers only
1 month 21 days ago
Top 1
1 month 21 days ago
A: Typically they do not add a defined length. They usually only state 'shorty' or 'standard'. Shorty levers are known for being '2-finger' levers.
Q: With these fit the oem mounting bracket? 2015 cbr650f. Thanks 
4 months 9 days ago
Top 10
4 months 9 days ago
A: Yes, our Vortex V3 2.0 Clutch Lever is an "exact fit" for the original clutch lever perch on your 2015 Honda CBR650F.
Q: Will 2011 gsxr fit 2007
Over 7 months ago
Q: Are these levers 7/8 or 1" fit?
1 year 3 months ago
Top 10
1 year 3 months ago
A: These levers are manufactured bike specific, so the answer to that is dependent on what you are currently riding.

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# Part Numbers
Brake Lever
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Titanium / Long LVB131
Titanium / Short LVB120
Titanium / Short LVB122
Titanium / Short LVB104
Titanium / Short LVB112
Titanium / Long LVB143
Titanium / Long LVB152
Black / Long LVB192
Black / Long LVB193
Black / Long LVB190
Black / Long LVB191
Black / Long LVB189
Black / Long LVB188
Black / Long LVB187
Titanium / Long LVB135
Black / Long LVB194
Titanium / Long LVB139
Black / Long LVB195
Titanium / Long LVB147
Black / Long LVB196
Titanium / Long LVB214
Black / Long LVB197
Titanium / Short LVB108
Black / Long LVB198
Titanium / Short LVB116
Black / Long LVB199
Titanium / Short LVB125
Black / Long LVB200
Titanium / Long LVB129
Black / Long LVB201
Titanium / Long LVB133
Black / Long LVB202
Titanium / Long LVB137
Black / Long LVB203
Titanium / Long LVB141
Black / Long LVB204
Titanium / Long LVB145
Black / Long LVB205
Titanium / Long LVB149
Black / Long LVB207
Titanium / Long LVB155
Black / Long LVB208
Titanium / Short LVB102
Black / Long LVB209
Titanium / Short LVB106
Black / Long LVB211
Titanium / Short LVB110
Black / Long LVB212
Titanium / Short LVB114
Black / Long LVB216
Titanium / Short LVB118
Black / Short LVB157
Titanium / Short LVB123
Black / Short LVB158
Titanium / Short LVB128
Black / Short LVB159
Titanium / Short LVB219
Black / Short LVB160
Titanium / Long LVB130
Black / Short LVB161
Titanium / Long LVB132
Black / Short LVB162
Titanium / Long LVB134
Black / Short LVB163
Titanium / Long LVB136
Black / Short LVB164
Titanium / Long LVB138
Black / Short LVB165
Titanium / Long LVB140
Black / Short LVB166
Titanium / Long LVB142
Black / Short LVB167
Titanium / Long LVB144
Black / Short LVB168
Titanium / Long LVB146
Black / Short LVB169
Titanium / Long LVB148
Black / Short LVB170
Titanium / Long LVB151
Black / Short LVB171
Titanium / Long LVB153
Black / Short LVB172
Titanium / Long LVB156
Black / Short LVB173
Titanium / Short LVB101
Black / Short LVB174
Titanium / Short LVB103
Black / Short LVB175
Titanium / Short LVB105
Black / Short LVB176
Titanium / Short LVB107
Black / Short LVB177
Titanium / Short LVB109
Black / Short LVB179
Titanium / Short LVB111
Black / Short LVB180
Titanium / Short LVB113
Black / Short LVB181
Titanium / Short LVB115
Black / Short LVB183
Titanium / Short LVB117
Black / Short LVB184
Titanium / Short LVB119
Black / Short LVB215
Titanium / Short LVB121
Black / Short LVB178
Titanium / Short LVB124
Black / Long LVB206
Titanium / Short LVB127
Black / Short LVB217
Titanium / Short LVB213
Black / Long LVB218
Titanium / Long LVB150
Titanium / Long LVB220
Black / Long LVB185
Black / Long LVB186
Clutch Lever
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Black / Short LVC552
Titanium / Long LVC523
Titanium / Long LVC515
Titanium / Long LVC506
Titanium / Long LVC497
Titanium / Long LVC488
Black / Short LVC545
Titanium / Short LVC467
Titanium / Short LVC465
Titanium / Short LVC462
Titanium / Short LVC460
Titanium / Short LVC458
Titanium / Short LVC455
Black / Short LVC556
Black / Short LVC560
Titanium / Short LVC470
Black / Short LVC610
Titanium / Short LVC472
Titanium / Long LVC492
Titanium / Short LVC474
Titanium / Long LVC501
Titanium / Short LVC476
Titanium / Long LVC511
Titanium / Short LVC478
Titanium / Long LVC519
Titanium / Short LVC480
Titanium / Short LVC453
Titanium / Short LVC482
Black / Short LVC554
Titanium / Short LVC484
Black / Short LVC558
Titanium / Short LVC486
Black / Short LVC562
Titanium / Short LVC469
Black / Short LVC606
Titanium / Short LVC608
Black / Short LVC614
Titanium / Short LVC612
Titanium / Long LVC490
Titanium / Short LVC616
Titanium / Long LVC494
Black / Long LVC588
Titanium / Long LVC499
Black / Long LVC589
Titanium / Long LVC504
Black / Long LVC590
Titanium / Long LVC509
Black / Long LVC591
Titanium / Long LVC513
Black / Long LVC592
Titanium / Long LVC517
Black / Long LVC593
Titanium / Long LVC521
Black / Long LVC594
Titanium / Long LVC603
Black / Long LVC595
Black / Short LVC551
Black / Long LVC596
Black / Short LVC553
Black / Long LVC597
Black / Short LVC555
Black / Long LVC598
Black / Short LVC557
Black / Long LVC599
Black / Short LVC559
Black / Long LVC600
Black / Short LVC561
Black / Long LVC605
Black / Short LVC604
Black / Short LVC526
Black / Long LVC583
Black / Short LVC527
Black / Long LVC607
Black / Short LVC528
Black / Long LVC611
Black / Short LVC529
Black / Long LVC615
Black / Short LVC530
Titanium / Long LVC489
Black / Short LVC531
Titanium / Long LVC491
Black / Short LVC532
Titanium / Long LVC493
Black / Short LVC534
Titanium / Long LVC496
Black / Short LVC535
Titanium / Long LVC498
Black / Short LVC536
Titanium / Long LVC500
Black / Short LVC537
Titanium / Long LVC503
Black / Short LVC538
Titanium / Long LVC505
Black / Short LVC539
Titanium / Long LVC508
Black / Short LVC541
Titanium / Long LVC510
Black / Short LVC542
Titanium / Long LVC512
Black / Short LVC543
Titanium / Long LVC514
Black / Short LVC544
Titanium / Long LVC516
Black / Short LVC546
Titanium / Long LVC518
Black / Short LVC547
Titanium / Long LVC520
Black / Short LVC548
Titanium / Long LVC522
Black / Short LVC549
Titanium / Long LVC524
Black / Short LVC550
Titanium / Short LVC450
Titanium / Short LVC451
Titanium / Short LVC452
Black / Long LVC564
Titanium / Short LVC454
Black / Long LVC565
Titanium / Short LVC456
Black / Long LVC566
Titanium / Short LVC459
Black / Long LVC567
Titanium / Short LVC461
Black / Long LVC568
Titanium / Short LVC463
Black / Long LVC569
Titanium / Short LVC466
Black / Long LVC570
Titanium / Short LVC468
Black / Long LVC572
Titanium / Short LVC471
Black / Long LVC573
Titanium / Short LVC473
Black / Long LVC574
Titanium / Short LVC475
Black / Long LVC575
Titanium / Short LVC477
Black / Long LVC576
Titanium / Short LVC479
Black / Long LVC577
Titanium / Short LVC481
Black / Long LVC579
Titanium / Short LVC483
Black / Long LVC580
Titanium / Short LVC485
Black / Long LVC581
Titanium / Short LVC602
Black / Long LVC582
Titanium / Long LVC507
Black / Long LVC584
Titanium / Long LVC609
Black / Long LVC585
Titanium / Long LVC613
Black / Long LVC586
Titanium / Long LVC617
Black / Long LVC587