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Thor 2018 Terrain Pants Thor 2018 Terrain Pants Aaron - Yuma, AZ Too short. "Pants are too short and sized small. I wear a 34x34 in almost all pants, jeans to khakis. I bought a size 36, and the waist fits just right with all the tightening straps loose, and only having to use the first click on the buckle. The pants are about 2" too short. When standing, the bottom of the pants is 1.5" above the top of my boot. Very frustrating that they don't make/sell these with traditional waist/length listings. Overall, cool pants, but they're built for short people."
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Thor 2018 Sector Pants Thor 2018 Sector Pants Kawi Not very durable. "I liked the pants a lot until the second day of riding. Burnt a whole right through them from the header pipe. Not very heat resistant and there is no extra protection on the inside of the legs to stop the exhaust from melting right through."
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