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Top Zone Integrated Tail Light
Top Zone Integrated Tail Light

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Item #TZO0001

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South Carolina
Not what I hoped for

Let me start by saying that the fitment of this on my '93 GSX600R-W was perfect. Ever tab and every mounting hole lined up perfectly. And this is the only reason I gave it a second star.

Now, the not so good. The first thing I noticed was that there is no LED to shine through the bottom of the lens, meaning there is no light shining on the licence plate, like the factory original does.

Hooking up the existing bulb housing to the connector from the unit was difficult due to the size and shape of the connector, but it did eventually fit. I switched on the bike, and the LED's did light up. I hit the brake lever, and the LED's did light up brighter. But, the LED's are VERY dim. Even the brake lights were more dim than the stock standard running lights.

I then spliced the turn signal leads into the bike's wiring using the supplied splices. I was wanting to use the stock turn signals in conjunction with the integrated unit. Apparently, the stock bulbs have too much of a current draw on the circuit to light the amber LED's sufficiently. Once I removed the bulb from the circuit, the amber LED's signaled properly, but again, they weren't very bright.

So, at this point, I'm getting unhappy with my purchase. I then decided that I could deal with having the taillight, though dim, and just not use the turn signals. So I disconnected the splice from the turn signal, and rechecked the tail light's functionality. Then I turned the bike on, and turned on a turn signal. Though the turn signals were completely disconnected, the brake light pulsed in time with the turn signals. I thought maybe the battery could have been a little low, so I started the bike, and choked it to idle at over 2000 rpm to ensure there was enough voltage on the electrical system. There was no change.

In short, the LED's are no where NEAR bright enough to be used. You can't use them in conjunction with the stock turn signals. Even with the turn signals disconnected, the red running light LED's pulse in time with the turn signals. And it had no LED's to shine on the licence plate. BUT, the tail light was a good fit, and it is a good looking unit. If it worked, I would've been very happy with how it looked on my bike.

I will be returning it for a refund as soon as I'm able.

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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Yellow TZH-230-INT-Y
Smoked TZS-150-INT-S
Clear / Standard TZS-228-INT
Clear / Standard TZBMW-174-INT
Clear / Standard TZBMW-302-INT
Clear / Standard TZD-020-INT
Clear / Standard TZD-046-INT
Clear / Standard TZD-122-INT
Clear / Standard TZD-214-INT
Clear / Standard TZD-220-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-012-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-014-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-022-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-026-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-034-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-050-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-054-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-064-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-078-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-088-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-094-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-096-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-098-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-116-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-124-INT
Clear / Above Exhaust Conversion TZH-304-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-208-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-230-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-312-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-314-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-330-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-334-INT
Clear / Standard TZHD-060-INT
Clear / Standard TZHD-114-INT
Clear / Standard TZHD-126-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-006-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-010-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-028-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-048-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-058-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-068-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-092-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-102-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-108-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-118-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-140-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-160-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-196-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-198-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-206-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-216-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-244-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-300-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-306-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-318-INT
Clear / Standard TZKTM-320-INT
Clear / Standard TZMVA-156-INT
Clear / Standard TZMVA-212-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-016-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-018-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-030-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-036-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-052-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-056-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-074-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-100-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-120-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-132-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-150-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-164-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-192-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-200-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-222-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-224-INT
Clear / Standard TZS-260-INT
Clear / Standard TZT-176-INT
Clear / Standard TZT-194-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-032-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-038-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-042-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-044-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-076-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-086-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-110-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-112-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-142-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-144-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-154-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-158-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-168-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-190-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-202-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-210-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-236-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-238-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-256-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-328-INT
Clear / Standard TZY-332-INT
Clear / Standard TZH-024-INT
Clear / Standard TZMVA-322-INT
Clear / Standard TZK-258-INT
Smoke / Standard TZS-228-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZBMW-174-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZBMW-302-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZD-020-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZD-046-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZD-122-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZD-214-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZD-220-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-012-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-014-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-022-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-026-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-034-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-050-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-054-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-064-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-078-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-088-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-094-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-096-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-098-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-116-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-124-INT-S
Smoke / Above Exhaust Conversion TZH-304-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-208-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-230-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-312-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-314-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-330-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-334-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZHD-060-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZHD-114-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZHD-126-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-006-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-010-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-028-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-048-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-058-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-068-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-092-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-102-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-108-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-118-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-140-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-160-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-196-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-198-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-206-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-216-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-244-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-300-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-306-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-318-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZKTM-320-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZMVA-156-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZMVA-212-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-016-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-018-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-030-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-036-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-052-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-056-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-074-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-100-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-120-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-132-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-164-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-192-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-200-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-222-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-224-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZS-260-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZT-176-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZT-194-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-032-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-038-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-042-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-044-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-076-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-086-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-110-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-112-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-142-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-144-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-154-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-158-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-168-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-190-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-202-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-210-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-236-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-238-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-256-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-328-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZY-332-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZH-024-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZMVA-322-INT-S
Smoke / Standard TZK-258-INT-S
Yellow / Standard TZH-124-INT-Y
Yellow / Standard TZS-120-INT-Y
Yellow / Standard TZS-192-INT-Y
Yellow / Standard TZS-222-INT-Y
Yellow / Standard TZY-142-INT-Y
Yellow / Standard TZY-238-INT-Y
Orange / Standard TZK-140-INT-O
Orange / Standard TZK-160-INT-O
Orange / Standard TZY-238-INT-O
Red / Standard TZK-160-INT-R
Red / Standard TZK-198-INT-R
Red / Standard TZK-206-INT-R
Red / Standard TZS-120-INT-R
Red / Standard TZS-192-INT-R
Red / Standard TZY-142-INT-R
Red / Standard TZY-210-INT-R
Blue / Standard TZS-222-INT-B