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Symtec Heat Demon Motorcycle Grip Heaters
Symtec Heat Demon Motorcycle Grip Heaters

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JV450 Verified Purchaser
Over 8 months ago CA
Best heaters for the money

I have these on two other bikes. They are fairly easy to install. They used to come with a clutch side and throttle side, but no longer do although the photo still shows this in the adds. They have a shrink tube for the left bar, but I don't use that. they still heat pretty evenly, but the left side takes a few extra minutes to come up to temp

scott Verified Purchaser
1 year 7 months ago
Great for cold weather riding.

great product, really helps with cold riding. i put these on my yamaha 250fx. the right side got a lot warmer then the left. afterwards i realized there was a sleeve to put on the bar first that i didn't do. im not sure how the grip would have fit with it but it still worked good. i measured the heat coming off each grip. the right one got all the way to 97 degrees and the left 94 on low setting.

Roadhound Verified Purchaser
2 years 11 months ago Atlanta, Ga
Very nice heat

This is a very complete kit, I was surprised that it came with a large piece of shrink tubing to provide some insulation for the clutch side heat element. It installs easily, and provides a nice level of heat.

Baron Verified Purchaser
2 years 11 months ago Chico, Ca
Symtec Heaters on Husky 701 Enduro

I've been using these for years on various bikes. A bit more expensive than others but you get what you pay for. The less expensive heaters have an in-line resistor that gets hot and is one more thing to deal with when installing. On high, the Symtec heaters get very hot so I use that setting at first, then switch to the low. These mount nicely on the 701. There is plenty of room behind the headlight and there are two extra accessory wires easy to connect to. One is marked accessory 1 and it is keyed to the ignition. Next to it is accessory 2 that goes directly to the battery so is hot all of the time. Not a good idea to use that one because if you forget to turn your heaters off you will drain the battery. These wires are tucked in behind the headlight on the throttle side and are clearly marked (way to go Husky!) There is also plenty of room to mount the switch on the left side plastic (see picture) above the turn signal. My only complaint is that the included directions could be more clear, particularly the illustrations. Also the ground/negative wires are red which usually indicates the opposite. It would be less confusing if Symtec would change these to black or brown. Also I like the included flush mount rocker switch, looks cleaner than the metal toggle and it's nice that they include a mounting bracket for the switch if you need it.

Mike Verified Purchaser
Over 4 years ago Wetside

The throttle side, on High, gets hot hot hot before the clutch side can be felt much. But it is a thicker grip too. Be warned the instructions that came with mine were 100% wrong. The instructions on the makers website were also wrong. Red = Ground? Blue = High? White=Low All wrong. R=H B=L W=Ground.

Ooot MotoSport Staff Verified Purchaser Expert
Over 5 years ago Canby, OR
No Brainer

I install these on every bike I own. They don't put out as much heat as the more expensive grips with integrated elements, but I think that is due to the design, not a quality issue. The best thing about these heaters is that you can use any grip you want with them, you're not stuck with the oversized heated grips from other kits. Insulate your clutch side with electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing. These are more effective with steel handlebars than aluminum. A solid electrical connection is important, I always run them straight to the battery through a relay. Highly recommended!

Moto29 Verified Purchaser
Over 5 years ago Northern California
Bad Instructions

The Symtec grip heaters work great, but what doesn't work is their directions. In the package you will receive instructions that call for the two red wires run to ground, two blue wires are low heat setting and the two white wires are high heat setting. This is Wrong!!!

The two Red wires are HIGH heat setting and the two BLUE wires are low heat setting and the white wires are grounded. Even Heat Demon's (Symtec) website clarifies this in their FAQ section and they apologized for the error in their instructions. Geez... Really? These instructions are just a simple one page white paper copy and you guys can't print new ones and include the right information in the package? Come on.......

swerveking Verified Purchaser
Over 5 years ago
Symtec grip heaters

I was impressed with the quality of kit/components. After installing and ops check, I am pleased with result. Left grip does take a bit longer to reach temp of right, I used the enclosed heat shrink for left bar, but would add a second layer of insulation tape if I did it again. Overall, a solid improvement!

MED12 Verified Purchaser
Over 6 years ago
Toasty Hands

I use my gsxr600 as a daily commuter. It gets chilly sometimes (~30 degrees F). My hands use to freeze on my hour long commute. Purchased some insulated gloves, and realized I needed something more. These were it. Fairly easy to install. I had to use a rotozip (dremmel like tool) to bore a small hole in pot metal that holds the gauges for the high/off/low switch. Looks clean, hid the wires well, my hands have been warm for about 13,000 miles and still going strong. Best investment I've made for that bike.

TL;DR- Good Heaters, Easy Install, Seem to last, WOULD DEFINITELY PURCHASE AGAIN!

Jarrod42 Top 500 Contributor
Over 6 years ago Portland, OR, USA
It's nice to have warm hands!

These work really well. I installed them on a 2012 KTM 500EXC and they work well. My hands stay nice and warm on those cold rainy days. I generally use the low setting.

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6 Questions
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Q: There seems to be some confusion on the wiring of the Heat Demon handle bar warmers. I
1 year 9 months ago
I wired the red wire to ground, white to high heat , and blue to low heat. is this correct ? They don't seem to get very warm .Note like other warmers i have used. Could you send me the correct information on the wiring ?
Top 10 Contributor
1 year 9 months ago
A: Please contact Symtec technical support. sales@symtec-inc.com
Q: Can this kit be put a bike without a batery and just run it to the stator? or is more power required
Over 4 years ago
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago
A: The kits that use a 4 level controller require a 12VDC power source, there is no way to hook them up without one.
The high/low kits can be set up on a bike that does not have a DC power source, but they are not necessarily designed to do so.
Feel free to give us a call at 888-676-8853 and we would be happy to help you out with your order.
Q: I ordered a set of these at check out I was given an option of square or round switch. I chose round. It has arrived and states ATV only will melt
Over 5 years ago
the throttle tube on a motorcycle. Will it melt the throttle tube or isit safe to install on my Harley>>>>??
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 5 years ago
A: If you ordered the Motorcycle Specific Grip heaters it should not melt your throttle tube. I would recommend giving us a call at 888-676-8853 so we can verify you received the correct kit.
Over 5 years ago
A: I have used them on several dirt bikes with plastic throttle tubes and have had no problem with overheating or melting.
Q: Instructions
Over 5 years ago
Can you help me locate the instructions to install on my dirt bike? I misplaced them and can't seem to find them on the co. website. Thanks, Symtec Heat Demon Motorcycle Grip Heaters
Top 10
Over 5 years ago
A: You can find the installation video for the Symtec Heat Demon Motorcycle Grip heaters off this link:

Q: Does this come with a mounting bracket for the switch?
Over 6 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 6 years ago
A: This does not include a mounting bracket for the switch. Typically the switch is installed in a panel on the bike where a hole can drilled and switch can be inserted from the bottom. It has threaded retainer for this method of installation.
Q: Where does the toggle switch usually mount?
Over 6 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 6 years ago
A: Typically the toggle switch is installed in a portion of the fairing. This requires you to drill a hole in the bodywork for fitment. It ultimately depends what bike they are being installed on.
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Metal Toggle Switch 210019MT
Round Rocker Switch 210019RR
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