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STACYC welcomes you to the new generation of balance bikes for toddlers and kids.

The electric, pedal free STACYC bike offers the most ideal introduction to dirt bikes ever created. With the twist of the throttle, a STACYC bike functions and operates just like a dirt bike without the power and torque that could scare off your young child from Motocross or trail riding forever. Additionally, a STACYC bike provides a great inauguration to bicycle riding giving your child a chance to practice and master balancing on two-wheels and employ critical hand-eye coordination skills before stepping up to pedals.

STACYC bikes come in two age-appropriate sizes to give young ones the chance to rip around like a dirt bike but courageously withstand inevitable crashes and falls that otherwise might keep them from mounting up again.

MotoSport carries the STACYC 12eDRIVE and the STACYC 16eDRIVE balance bikes.

The STACYC 12eDRIVE offers an ideal riding experience for kids aged 3 to 5 with an inseam between 14 and 20 inches. The STACYC 12 sits just 13-inches off the ground, uses 12-inch composite wheels with pneumatic tires and weighs 17 pounds with the rechargeable batter installed. The STACYC 12eDRIVE option has a similar weight to kids BMX bikes and one quick drop of the legs gives your child an immediate bike stand that only serves to boost confidence and reliance on their own strength.

The STACYC 12 comes in three ride modes:

1 ) Low / Training Mode ~ 5 MPH.
2 ) Med / Transitional Mode ~ 7 MPH.
3 ) High / Advanced Mode ~ 9 MPH.

A fully charged 20V battery (included) provides a 30 to 60 minute run time and takes 30 to 60 minutes to fully recharge.

The STACYC 16eDRIVE kicks it up a notch for those aged 4 to 8 years old with an 18- to 24-inch inseam. The STACYC 16 sits 17 inches off the ground, uses 16-inch composite wheels with pneumatic tires and weighs 20 pounds with the rechargeable battery installed. Though a bit higher off the ground, the STACY 16eDRIVE is ideally suited for the targeted age group and allows for complete stability when your child drops his or her legs to the ground.

The STACYC 16 comes in three ride modes:

1 ) Low / Training Mode ~ 5 MPH.
2 ) Med / Transitional Mode ~ 7.5 MPH.
3 ) High / Advanced Mode ~ 13 MPH.

A fully charged 20V battery (included) provides a 30 to 60 minute run time and takes 45 to 60 minutes to fully recharge.

Both sizes of STACYC bikes allow your child to train and ride on two-wheels comfortably. The lightweight design lets your child pick up their STACYC bike on their own after falling or dropping their ride. STACYC balance bikes use an easy on/off switch (almost like an e-start on a big bike!) located next to the throttle and a rear drum clutch braking system.

Both the STACY 12 and STACY 16 feature steel, BMX style forks, thermal protection for the motor and controller and a BMX chain and freewheel.

You can easily transport the STACYC in the back of a pick-up, on a trailer or in a van. Probably the backseat of your sedan too, if needed.

STACYC bikes are not intended for adults or children who weigh more than 75 pounds.


In addition to the regular STACYC bike brand, the company has partnered with one of the most popular dirt bike brands to offer KTM Factory Replica STACYC bikes.

The KTM STACYC bike, in both the 16eDRIVE and 12eDRIVE, features all the bells and whistles you get on the regular STACYC while branded with KTM orange and the KTM logo displayed prominently emblazoned on the frame. If your child loves KTM (maybe you love KTM) or their favorite pro rides KTM no better way exists to get your young son or daughter riding than sitting them atop a KTM STACYC bike.

Check out the KTM STACYC 16eDRIVE or the KTM STACYC 12eDRIVE.

The STACYC battery is an industrial grade Li-Lon rechargeable battery that works interchangeably on the STACYC 12 and STACY 16. The STACY battery fits into a regular wall outlet and takes between 30 and 60 minutes to recharge. Grab a second one to recharge while your kid runs out the STACYC battery that comes with the purchase of your STACYC bike for endless hours of riding fun!

We would love to tell you parts and accessories dont wear out on STACYC bikes but like a dirt bike damage and wear and tear occurs.

At MotoSport, find all the STACYC parts needed to keep riding and the necessary STACYC accessories to turn your childs bike into a ripping machine they wont put down. Equip any STACYC bike with a handlebar riser kit, any one of the slick graphic kits, and even extended footrests. Additionally, you can replace worn out STACYC parts like the stability cycle, wheels, tires and chain all right here.

Never miss a STACYC bike ride with MotoSport and make your next STACYC ride your best ride!