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R&G Racing Front Fender Extender
R&G Racing Front Fender Extender

$31.68 - $38.99
1.00 5 1
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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Item #RAG000Q

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1 out of 5 stars
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4 months 12 days ago
1 out of 5 stars
Did not fit!!

This product does not fit 2018 MT07. And when I returned it I was charged stocking fee of $8.00.
Not fair when it is advertised to fit and I had to pay for company mistake.

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# Part Numbers

Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Black FERG0004BK
Black FERG0005BK
Black FERG0006BK
Black FERG0007BK
Black FERG0008BK
Black FERG0009BK
Black FERG0010BK
Black FERG0011BK
Black FERG0012BK
Black FERG0013BK
Black FERG0014BK
Black FERG0015BK
Black FERG0016BK
Black FERG0018BK
Black FERG0019BK
Black FERG0027BK
Black FERG0037BK
Black FERG0055BK
Black FERG0063BK
Black FERG0065BK
Black FERG0068BK
Black FERG0084BK
Black FERG0088BK
Black FERG0101BK
Black FERG0102BK
Black FERG0120BK
Black FERG0142BK
Black FERG0156BK
Black FERG0198BK
Black FERG0211BK
Black FERG0213BK
Black FERG0215BK
Black FERG0244BK
Black FERG0246BK
Black FERG0252BK
Black FERG0284BK
Black FERG0319BK
Black FERG0320BK
Black FERG0321BK
Black FERG0322BK
Black FERG0323BK
Black FERG0325BK
Black FERG0327BK
Black FERG0328BK
Black FERG0331BK
Black FERG0332BK
Black FERG0333BK
Black FERG0334BK
Black FERG0348BK
Black FERG0350BK
Carbon Look FERG0004CL
Carbon Look FERG0005CL
Carbon Look FERG0006CL
Carbon Look FERG0007CL
Carbon Look FERG0009CL
Carbon Look FERG0010CL
Carbon Look FERG0011CL
Carbon Look FERG0012CL
Carbon Look FERG0013CL
Carbon Look FERG0015CL
Carbon Look FERG0016CL
Carbon Look FERG0018CL
Carbon Look FERG0021CL
Carbon Look FERG0022CL
Carbon Look FERG0025CL
Carbon Look FERG0061CL
Carbon Look FERG0062CL
Carbon Look FERG0063CL
Carbon Look FERG0156CL
Carbon Look FERG0211CL
Carbon Look FERG0252CL
Carbon Look FERG0284CL
Carbon Look FERG0319CL
Carbon Look FERG0322CL
Carbon Look FERG0323CL
Carbon Look FERG0334CL
Carbon Look FERG0336CL