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Puig Touring Windscreen
Puig Touring Windscreen

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      • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        Black 9369N, 6491N, 6365N, 9613N, 6480N, 9283N, 5548N, 5649N, 6484N, 2385N, 6000N, 5998N, 9656N, 7007N, 9377N, 6492N, 9421N, 9436N, 6486N, 7617N, 8918N, 7619N, 3865N, 20645N, 7570N, 8913N, 7541N, 8187N, 8901N, 6485N, 8164N, 9710N, 9879N, 9392N, 5895N, 8900N, 20619N, 7623N, 7640N, 7595N, 9437N, 3841N, 4670N, 3769N, 7628N, 7016N, 20283N, 6861N, 9434N, 3637N, 8915N, 5652N, 8922N, 6494N, 7646N, 7514N, 20461N
        Black / 90mm Higher Than OEM 8905N
        Black / Adjustable 3775N
        Black / For Versions With a OEM Windscreen Mount 8165N
        Black / For Versions Without OEM Windscreen Mount 8110N
        Blue 6484A, 9377A, 8910A, 4670A, 6365A, 7016A, 5895A, 6491A, 6485A, 7514A, 5998A, 9436A, 8187A
        Blue / 170mm Higher Than OEM / Includes 9154N Bracket 9156A
        Blue / 90mm Higher Than OEM 8905A
        Clear 4103W, 8187W, 7307W, 7541W, 20527W, 20375W, 3762W, 20283W, 3640W, 9377W, 9369W, 20391W, 9512W, 5655W, 3841W, 20461W, 4670W, 8905W, 5568W, 4367W, 5649W, 4331W, 7617W, 7595W, 7619W, 6365W, 9613W, 7017W, 9437W, 7005W, 7514W, 9656W, 3865W, 9710W, 5999W, 3769W, 7634W, 6486W, 20774W, 20820W, 6480W, 8915W, 8910W, 6483W, 5652W, 7623W, 3727W, 7646W, 9283W, 1880W, 3160W, 6494W, 5992W, 7640W, 5548W, 9434W, 7016W, 2385W, 3768W, 8913W, 9879W, 9421W, 20840W, 4101W, 7227W, 20645W, 3818W, 21182W, 5648W, 6861W, 8901W, 7628W, 20411W, 9725W, 5250W, 6485W, 3637W, 4359W, 7229W, 9717W, 20752W, 5998W, 6484W, 20835W, 21336W, 8918W, 2015W, 20447W, 9392W, 7570W, 20728W, 7007W, 6000W, 20619W, 4619W, 5895W, 9436W, 9719W, 8164W, 8922W, 6491W, 8900W
        Clear / 110mm Taller 3587W
        Clear / 115-165mm Taller 3564W
        Clear / 170mm Higher Than OEM / Includes 9154N Bracket 9156W
        Clear / 215mm Taller 3595W
        Clear / Adjustable 3179W, 3775W, 3178W
        Clear / For Versions Without OEM Windscreen Mount 8110W
        Clear / Models Without OE BMW Support 20361W
        Clear / Plus/130mm Taller 20816W
        Clear / Standard/55mm Taller 20422W
        Clear / Touring Plus 9770W
        Clear / Uses OEM Windscreen Bracket 8165W
        Dark Smoke 20645F, 9434F, 5250F, 3727F, 6861F, 9710F, 7619F, 6365F, 20527F, 9437F, 5999F, 5992F, 9377F, 20728F, 5649F, 6480F, 8187F, 5255F, 1880F, 3818F, 9283F, 8910F, 5548F, 7227F, 20774F, 7623F, 8918F, 20840F, 8900F, 6495F, 3640F, 3769F, 6494F, 5652F, 7617F, 9392F, 9719F, 20391F, 7595F, 7229F, 2125F, 20752F, 3841F, 6491F, 9725F, 6484F, 20447F, 7017F, 7634F, 9717F, 20414F, 6485F, 21336F, 8164F, 20283F, 6000F, 5568F, 5998F, 9879F, 9656F, 9369F, 3160F, 8905F, 21182F, 20835F, 8901F, 6483F, 7570F, 20375F, 7007F, 8913F, 20619F, 4101F, 3865F, 9512F, 20461F, 9436F, 7541F, 3762F, 7005F, 3768F, 4359F, 7628F, 8922F, 8915F, 7514F, 7640F, 5655F, 9421F, 7307F, 6486F, 2385F, 20820F, 4670F, 5895F, 9613F, 7016F, 7646F
        Dark Smoke / 110mm Taller 3587F
        Dark Smoke / 170mm Higher Than OEM / Includes 9154N Bracket 9156F
        Dark Smoke / 210mm Taller 9759F
        Dark Smoke / 215mm Taller 3595F
        Dark Smoke / Adjustable 3179F, 3775F, 3178F
        Dark Smoke / For Versions With a OEM Windscreen Mount 8165F
        Dark Smoke / For Versions Without OEM Windscreen Mount 8110F
        Dark Smoke / Models With OE BMW Support 20362F
        Dark Smoke / Models Without OE BMW Support 20361F
        Dark Smoke / Plus/130mm Taller 20816F
        Dark Smoke / Standard/55mm Taller 20422F
        Dark Smoke / Touring Plus 9770F
        Green 6484V, 5998V, 9369V, 9392V, 3841V, 7514V, 3865V
        Light Smoke 9283H
        Orange 20461T, 7514T, 8913T, 6494T
        Red 9434R, 3637R, 9377R, 9436R, 7514R, 5998R, 8910R, 7016R
        Red / 170mm Higher Than OEM / Includes 9154N Bracket 9156R
        Red / 90mm Higher Than OEM 8905R
        Smoke 3637H, 7525H, 6485H, 20619H, 5255H, 8905H, 7007H, 5649H, 8918H, 4331H, 7017H, 20645H, 2125H, 6480H, 7570H, 9725H, 9369H, 3769H, 20414W, 4633H, 20774H, 7628H, 3768H, 9656H, 5652H, 3841H, 5895H, 9377H, 7634H, 8913H, 7617H, 20375H, 1281H, 20527H, 7229H, 4619H, 9717H, 5250H, 3640H, 6000H, 20411H, 20461H, 8187H, 4878H, 9421H, 6365H, 4670H, 5568H, 8164H, 9879H, 4367H, 6483H, 6861H, 5548H, 8922H, 7005H, 9436H, 20752H, 5655H, 7619H, 5998H, 20840H, 6486H, 8915H, 7646H, 21182H, 4103H, 2385H, 3762H, 7640H, 20835H, 3818H, 4101H, 3160H, 3865H, 5992H, 8901H, 3727H, 9613H, 7227H, 20283H, 20391H, 7623H, 21336H, 4359H, 7541H, 1880H, 7307H, 9434H, 20447H, 7514H, 5999H, 6491H, 7016H, 6494H, 6484H, 9437H, 9710H, 9392H, 2015H, 20820H, 8900H, 9719H, 8910H, 9512H, 7595H
        Smoke / 110mm Taller 3587H
        Smoke / 115-165mm Taller 3564H
        Smoke / 170mm Higher Than OEM / Includes 9154N Bracket 9156H
        Smoke / 215mm Taller 3595H
        Smoke / Adjustable 3178H, 3775H, 3179H
        Smoke / For Versions With a OEM Windscreen Mount 8165H
        Smoke / For Versions Without OEM Windscreen Mount 8110H
        Smoke / Models With OE BMW Support 20362W
        Smoke / Plus/130mm Taller 20816H
        Smoke / Standard/55mm Taller 20422H
        Smoke / Touring Plus 9770H
        Yellow 7514G