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Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit
Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit

$18.86 - $99.48
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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Pivot Works Shock Bearing Kit PWSHK-H08-520, PWSHK-H11-520, PWSHK-H13-020, PWSHK-H15-521, PWSHK-H16-521, PWSHK-H17-021, PWSHK-H18-020, PWSHK-H21-004, PWSHK-H24-008, PWSHK-H26-021, PWSHK-K07-521, PWSHK-K11-021, PWSHK-S07-021, PWSHK-S08-021, PWSHK-S09-021, PWSHK-S10-021, PWSHK-S23-008, PWSHK-S24-400, PWSHK-S27-521, PWSHK-T02-521, PWSHK-T03-521, PWSHK-T04-000, PWSHK-Y02-008, PWSHK-Y03-008, PWSHK-Y05-021, PWSHK-Y06-021, PWSHK-Y07-421, PWSHK-Y08-421, PWSHK-Y09-421, PWSHK-H06-001, PWSHK-H19-006, PWSHK-H23-006, PWSHK-H25-021, PWSHK-H28-001, PWSHK-HQ01-001, PWSHK-HQ02-001, PWSHK-HQ03-001, PWSHK-K08-020, PWSHK-K10-006, PWSHK-K12-040, PWSHK-P03-000, PWSHK-P04-000, PWSHK-P06-000, PWSHK-P07-000, PWSHK-P08-000, PWSHK-P11-000, PWSHK-S04-021, PWSHK-S05-021, PWSHK-Y24-000, PWSHK-Y26-000, PWSHK-K13-000, PWSHK-T06-000, PWSHK-T07-000, PWSHK-T08-000, PWSHK-T09-000, PWSHK-H17-021, PWSHK-H25-021, PWSHK-T04-000, PWSHK-Y08-421

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to