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Tourmaster Motorcycle Heated Pants & Liners

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Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Chap Liner Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Chap Liner Lonerider2007 Only good to about 50 deg F "I rate this product in several ways. I'm not just slaming it. 1. There was not enough info on site as to power rating. Under stand that watts = heat Amps = heat also. Not enough heat. To keep your legs warm much below 45F deg. Ride to work this morning in 46 deg. Could tell that there was heat on the lower front of my leg. I expected more heat I ride year round. Have other heated products jacket liner and glove liners. I rate them very highly. They are made by other companies. Jacket liner 100 watts. Glove liners 27 watts. Don't get any less you won be happy. I suspect that these chap liners would need to be no less than 100 watts to give the heat that's needed after all we are talking extreamly tough wind chill. Legs out front 70MPH. 2. Ease of putting on. I rate at 4 stars. Velcro belt Velcro at back of legs. Could use some inprovment on belt as it closes in back. 3 apperance good. 4 comfort good 3 looks"
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