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Keiti Tire Pen Keiti Tire Pen Rmpilot92 - Wauasu, WI Yellow Tire Pen "I would only use this pen for bikes that would not be ridden much unless you have the time to put multiple coats on after rides, etc. I applied the paint to new tires after they were installed on the rim but before I installed the wheels on the bike just so the paint would not run vertically on the tire. It requires a fine touch and expect at least 3 coats to be applied for a bright yellow finish. Don't expect the paint to be permanent, it is paint and wears with contact to dirt and rocks. It is what it is but the wheels look awesome with fresh paint...would be great for restorations that remain on display to impress your girlfriend or politically correct partner."
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Keiti Tire Pen Keiti Tire Pen crfanatic007 - Georgia, USA I had way higher expectations "I just ordered this thing to dress my bike up a little, make the tires look like the pros, and the thing literally blew apart in my garage when i preceded (attempted) to shake it 10 times as directed. The MOTOSPORT decals that came with my order had more quality than this pen. Don't waste your money, buy a sparkplug or something useful."
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