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Hotbodies Racing Motorcycle Foot Controls

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Hotbodies Racing MGP Rearsets

Hotbodies Racing MGP Rearsets

gabriel - cali poorly designed "don't waste your money. uses fully threaded shoulderless bolts to secure the pegs & pedal. the inside diameter of the pedal bearings is 8mm, while the bolts are 7.5mm. sloppy fit. the red collars that go between the foot peg and pedal bearing are poorly designed . the idea is to have a collar which only exerts force on the inner race of the bearing , yet the collar exerts force on the outer race causing pedal movement which isn't as smooth as it should be. if any more force was exerted on the outer race it would cause the pedal to bind. the brake side rear set does not have holes for the plastic exhaust guard. thus you have to remove it. the exhaust heat shield uses the same bolt as support. thus you have an ill supported heat shield. ironically the heat shield does not move since the rearset makes contact with the heat shield once bolted up. this poor design does manage to keep the heat shield in place and stationary, however, the contact causes the heat to dissipate thru the rearset. thus you're left with a rearset which gets hot. low top shoes (vans) get caught on the edges of the heel guards forcing you to readjust your foot after most shifts. the instructions are an exploded view of the rearsets printed out from whatever CAD/CAM package they used. they suck. it took me awhile to determine a triangular piece was actually an alternate mounting point for the intermediate bearing of the shifter. which is the only cool feature of these rearsets. do not buy this garbage."
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