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Cardo Systems Scala Rider Freecom 4 Plus

Cardo Systems Scala Rider Freecom 4 Plus

R Mitchell - Southern Tier NY
5 out of 5 stars
Read review for honesty "It’s’s easier to use the 3m Mount and have it mounted slightly higher for no jacket interference....cardo commands need to be specific with no variation... for instance “Hey Cardo, Mute Audio” even tho there is a command saying play music, if you were to say “Cardo, Mute Music”. It will not recognize be SPECIFIC AND EXACT. I haven’t run out the battery, the JBL speakers are awesome and i am not looking’s made my life so much easier with listening to music and riding... taking calls and riding. The music depending on the setting you set with the Cardo connect app lowers down very nicely when coming In to town making it seamless. I never ever use the buttons except to turn the device on and that’s it!! Super happy and I love it!"
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Cardo Systems Packtalk Bold Duo With JBL Sound

Cardo Systems Packtalk Bold Duo With JBL Sound

roadsideok - Oklahoma City, OK
4 out of 5 stars
Jury Still Out for Deliberation but Overall Good "I'm kinda on the fence about these communicators. My husband and I have used them on three rides now, and experienced issues on all three rides. On the first ride, we had issues with losing connection. The promise of this product is that they are supposed to connect back together automatically. Our experience in the field is that this happens sometimes, but not all the time. The range is not great. Pretty much line of site. I've never owned any other communicators, so maybe this is part for the course. On our second ride, we both heard an EXTREMELY annoying buzzing on the last hour or so of our trip. It was pretty obnoxious, and I ended up turning mine off. On the most recent trip, the buzzing was gone, but we again experienced issues with the packtalks not reconnecting. This is only two of us - we haven't even gotten to trying to mesh with more people or people without PackTalks. On the plus side, they are pretty easy to operate while on the bike. The volume is easy to operate. I haven't found that the little antenna makes much of a difference whether it is up or down. The mounting situation was OK. On my helmet (an Airoh Commander), the curves and ridges of the helmet shell made it difficult to find a mounting point (odd, because they designed the helmet to be "communicator ready." I wasn't able to use the clip and had to use the double-stick. My first attempt was on the side and it was slightly over a ridge. The adhesive held for two rides. I purchased some Gorilla Glue double-stick tape online and moved the communicator to the flattest spot - pretty much on the back of the helmet. It's harder to find and operate now, but I'm hoping it stays put. The rest of the mounting was easy - the helmet already had cutouts for speakers and I just had to enlarge them a bit due to the oversized nature of the JBL speakers. If your helmet doesn't have speaker cutouts, these speakers may jab into the side of your head. My husband's helmet is a Klim Krios Pro, and he also had to use the tape to mount, but had plenty of flat surface area to work with. It has stayed put on his helmet. I think I would probably still recommend it despite it's quirks (and maybe those will get better as we become more comfortable with settings and usage), because I can't imagine others being any better. I read a lot of reviews and this system was at the top of many lists."
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