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Memphis Shades Pop Top Sportshield With Trigger-Lock Mounting Kit
Memphis Shades Pop Top Sportshield With Trigger-Lock Mounting Kit


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  • Description

  • Mounting Kit
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Aluminum / Fats And Slim Windshields MEM8962, MEM8963, MEM8964, MEM8965, MEM8966, MEM8969, MEM8972, MEM8973, MEM8979, MEM8980, MEM8981, MEM8982, MEM8986, MEK1920, MEK1925, MEK1949, MEK1943
    Aluminum / Sportshields MEM8914, MEM8915, MEM8916, MEM8917, MEM8918, MEM8921, MEM8924, MEM8925, MEM8931, MEM8932, MEM8933, MEM8934, MEM8936, MEK1917, MEK1921, MEK1922, MEK1926, MEK1950, MEK1944
    Black / Fats And Slim Windshields MEK1914, MEB8977, MEB1943, MEB8962, MEB8982, MEB8980, MEB8969, MEB8981, MEB1949, MEB1960, MEB1968, MEB8966, MEB1989, MEB8967, MEB8968, MEB8974, MEB8975, MEB8976, MEB1986, MEB2005, MEB2001, MEB2013, MEB2017, MEB2019
    Black / Fats And Slim Windshields With Covered Forks MEB8963
    Black / Fats And Slim Windshields With Exposed Forks MEB8973
    Black / Fats And Slim Windshields/Batwing Fairing MEB8965, MEB8964
    Black / Fats And Slim Windshields/Batwing Fairing With Lightbar MEM8988
    Black / Fats And Slim Windshields/Batwing Fairing Without Lightbar MEK1952
    Black / Fats and Slim Windshields MEB2021, MEB2023, MEB2032, MEB2046
    Black / Sportshields MEB8919, MEB8920, MEB8926, MEB8927, MEB8928, MEB1985, MEB2000, MEB8929, MEB1922, MEB1944, MEB8914, MEB8934, MEB8932, MEB1917, MEB8933, MEB1950, MEB8921, MEB1969, MEB8918, MEB8917, MEB8916, MEB1992, MEB1988, MEB2018, MEB2020, MEB2022, MEB2031, MEB2047
    Black / Sportshields With Covered Forks MEB8915
    Black / Sportshields With Exposed Forks MEB8925
    Black / Sportshields With Lightbar MEB8923
    Black / Sportshields Without Lightbar MEB8922
    Polished / Fats And Slim Windshields MEK1913, MEM8977, MEK1960, MEK1968, MEK1989, MEM8967, MEM8968, MEM8971, MEM8974, MEM8976, MEM8975, MEK1986, MEK2005, MEK2001, MEK2013, MEK2017, MEK2019
    Polished / Fats And Slim Windshields With Covered Forks MEK1951, MEM8985
    Polished / Fats and Slim Windshields MEK2021, MEK2023, MEK2032
    Polished / Sportshields MEM8920, MEM8926, MEM8928, MEM8927, MEK1985, MEK2000, MEM8929, MEK1969, MEK1992, MEK1988, MEK2018, MEK2020, MEK2022, MEK2047
    Polished / Sportshields With Covered Forks MEM8935
    Polished / Sportshields With Exposed Forks MEM8930
    Polished / Sportshields With Light Bar MEM8923
    Polished / Sportshields Without Light Bar MEM8922
    Sportshields MEM8919
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Gradient Black / 7 in. Headlight MEP5511
    Gradient Black / 9 in. Headlight MEP5521
    Gradient Blue / 7 in. Headlight MEP5516
    Gradient Blue / 9 in. Headlight MEP5526
    Gradient Orange / 7 in. Headlight MEP5517
    Gradient Orange / 9 in. Headlight MEP5527
    Gradient Purple / 7 in. Headlight MEP5514
    Gradient Purple / 9 in. Headlight MEP5524
    Gradient Ruby / 7 in. Headlight MEP5512
    Gradient Ruby / 9 in. Headlight MEP5522
    Solar / 7 in. Headlight MEP5519
    Solar / 9 in. Headlight MEP5529