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LighTech Oil Filler Cap
LighTech Oil Filler Cap

$25.00 - $29.30

Select your bike to see if this oil filler cap fits


  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / Blade/M24x2 OILBM01NER
    Black / Star / M22x1.5 OIL003NER
    Black / Star/M20x1.5 OIL001NER
    Black / Star/M20x2.5 OIL004NER, OIL011NER
    Black / Star/M24x2 OIL007NER
    Black / Star/M24x3 OIL013NER
    Black / Star/M25x1.5 OIL002NER
    Black / Star/M26x3 OIL006NER
    Black / Star/M34x1.5 OIL008NER
    Cobalt Blue / Blade / M20x1.5 OILSCOB
    Cobalt Blue / Blade/M24x2 OILBM01COB
    Cobalt Blue / Star / M20x2.5 OIL004COB
    Cobalt Blue / Star / M22x1.5 OIL003BLU
    Cobalt Blue / Star/M20x1.5 OIL001COB
    Cobalt Blue / Star/M20x2.5 OIL011COB
    Cobalt Blue / Star/M24x2 OIL007COB
    Cobalt Blue / Star/M25x1.5 OIL002COB
    Cobalt Blue / Star/M26x3 OIL006COB
    Gold / Blade / M20x1.5 OILSORO
    Gold / Blade / M24x2 OILBM01ORO
    Gold / Star / M22x1.5 OIL003ORO
    Gold / Star/M20x1.5 OIL001ORO
    Gold / Star/M20x2.5 OIL004ORO, OIL011ORO
    Gold / Star/M24x2 OIL007ORO
    Gold / Star/M25x1.5 OIL002ORO
    Gold / Star/M26x3 OIL006ORO
    Green / Star/M20x2.5 OIL004VER, OIL011VER
    Red / Blade / M20x2.5 OILHROS
    Red / Blade / M24x2 OILBM01ROS
    Red / Star/M20x1.5 OIL001ROS
    Red / Star/M20x2.5 OIL004ROS, OIL011ROS
    Red / Star/M24x2 OIL007ROS
    Red / Star/M24x3 OIL013ROS
    Red / Star/M25x1.5 OIL002ROS
    Red / Star/M26x3 OIL006ROS
    Silver / Blade/M24x2 OILBM01SIL
    Silver / Star/M20x1.5 OIL001SIL
    Silver / Star/M20x2.5 OIL004SIL, OIL011SIL
    Silver / Star/M24x2 OIL007SIL
    Silver / Star/M25x1.5 OIL002SIL
    Silver / Star/M26x3 OIL006SIL
    Silver / Star/M34x1.5 OIL008SIL