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3 Questions

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Question asked by Goat

Question: Can I still use a tube on front and back ?
Question asked Over 8 months ago
Question answered by CodyGearhead
User's contributor status: Top 25
Question answered Over 8 months ago
Answer: Yes, you can use a tube in tubeless tires.

Question asked by Matt44

Question: Do this fit 92 Honda cb750 nighthawk I'm planning to build Daryl Dixon motorcycle from walking dead
Question asked Over 10 months ago
Question answered by Michael
User's contributor status: Top 10
Question answered Over 10 months ago
Answer: There are so many mods to that bike, you have to figure out what swing arm and suspension set up you are going to run, before you even go down the path of rim size and tire size. Maybe you can email the producers to see who built the bike for them and get the specs.

Question asked by David

Question: 2001 Honda XR400R I would like to install the largest size tires possible, do you know the largest size that should fit? Thanks in advanced!
Question asked 1 year 1 month ago
Question answered by Paul
User's contributor status: Top 1
Question answered 1 year 1 month ago
Answer: The original tires on the 2001 Honda XR400R are 80/100-21 front, and 110/100-18 rear. These are the sizes which the engineers and designers at Honda determined to perform best for most riders in most conditions, on both street and dirt.
The largest 21" front tire available in the Kenda Big Block K784 Dual Sport Tire Combo is 90/90-21. This will fit your front rim, and is 10mm wider than the 80/100-21.
The largest 18" rear tire available in the Kenda Big Block K784 Dual Sport Tire Combo is 150/70-18. This will fit your your rear rim, and is 40mm wider than the 110/100-18. You will have to measure the space inside your swingarm to determine if there is enough room for the 150mm wide tire.
The rear is also available in 140/80-18.

# Part Numbers

Front Tire
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
100/90-19 047841905B0
110/80-19 047841923B0
120/70-19 047841986B0
90/90-21 047842108B0
Rear Tire
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
130/80-17 047841777B0
140/80-18 047841822B0
150/70-17 047841721B0
150/70-18 047841821B0
170/60-17 047841787B0