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Guts Racing Complete Ribbed Seat
Guts Racing Complete Ribbed Seat


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  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / Low Rise (-13mm) 554L8R21S21T21-CS, 560L8R21S21T21-CS
    Black / Stock 5548R21S21T21-CS, 5608R21S21T21-CS
    Black / Tall Rise (+30mm) 5618R21S21T21-CS
    Black/Black/Black / Stock 3658R21S21T21-CS, 7838R21S21T21-CS, 9268R21S21T21-CS, 9388R21S21T21-CS, 7868R21S21T21-CS
    Black/Black/Black / Tall Rise 3668R21S21T21-CS, 7848R21S21T21-CS, 9278R21S21T21-CS, 9398R21S21T21-CS, 7878R21S21T21-CS
    Black/Black/Orange / Stock 7838R33S21T21-CS, 7868R33S21T21-CS
    Black/Black/Orange / Tall Rise 7848R33S21T21-CS, 7878R33S21T21-CS
    Black/Black/White / Stock 7838R22S21T21-CS, 9268R22S21T21-CS, 9388R22S21T21-CS, 7868R22S21T21-CS
    Black/Black/White / Tall Rise 7848R22S21T21-CS, 9278R22S21T21-CS, 9398R22S21T21-CS, 7878R22S21T21-CS
    Black/Red/Black / Stock 3658R21S21T30-CS
    Black/Red/Black / Tall Rise 3668R21S21T30-CS
    Blue / Low Rise (-13mm) 554L8R08S08T08-CS, 560L8R08S08T08-CS
    Blue / Stock 5548R08S08T08-CS, 5608R08S08T08-CS
    Blue / Tall Rise (+30mm) 5558R08S08T08-CS, 5618R08S08T08-CS
    Red/Red/White / Stock 3658R22S30T30-CS
    Red/Red/White / Tall Rise 3668R22S30T30-CS
    YZ Blue/YZ Blue/White / Stock 9268R22S32T32-CS, 9388R22S32T32-CS
    YZ Blue/YZ Blue/White / Tall Rise 9278R22S32T32-CS, 9398R22S32T32-CS