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Genuine James Gaskets Top End Gasket Kit
Genuine James Gaskets Top End Gasket Kit

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      • Product Details

      • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        0.036" Head Gaskets JGI-17054-99-X, JGI-17054-05, JGI-17054-05-X, JGI-17054-99
        0.045" Head Gaskets JGI-17052-05-X, JGI-17052-99
        0.045" MLS Head Gaskets JGI-17052-99-MLS, JGI-17040-92-MLS
        0.046" Head Gaskets JGI-17052-05, JGI-17052-99-X
        3-5/8" Bore With Metal Base & Rocker Cover Gaskets JGI-17033-92
        4" Bore JGI-17033-92-4
        Cork Rocker Cover Gaskets JGI-17033-83
        MLS Head Gaskets JGI-17033-83-MLS, JGI-17054-05-MLS, JGI-17032-91-MLS, JGI-17032-86-MLS, JGI-17054-99-MLS
        Metal Base & Rocker Cover Gaskets JGI-17032-86-B, JGI-17032-91, JGI-17049-04-X, JGI-17049-07-X, JGI-17033-83-S
        Rubber Rocker Cover Gaskets JGI-17033-83-A
        Standard JGI-17030-72-A, JGI-17040-92