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GB Racing Protection Bundle
GB Racing Protection Bundle

$224.99 - $512.44

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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Bullet Frame Sliders CP-S1000RR-2017-CS-GBR
    For Race Kit Alternator CP-CBR1000-2008-CS-K-GBR, CP-CBR600-2008-CS-K-GBR, CP-R1-2009-CS-K-GBR
    For Stock Alternator CP-CBR1000-2008-CS-GBR, CP-CBR600-2008-CS-GBR, CP-R1-2009-CS-GBR
    For Stock Fairing CP-CBR1000-2012-CS-GBR
    GB Racing Protection Bundle CP-ZX10-2008-CS-GBR, CP-ZX6-2007-CS-GBR, CP-GSXR600-K6-CS-GBR, CP-ER6-2006-CS-GBR, CP-SV650-1999-CS-GBR, CP-ZX6-2013-CS-GBR, CP-CBR1000-2017-CS-GBR, CP-GSXR1000-L7-CS-GBR, CP-R3-2015-CS-GBR, CP-SV650-2015-CS-GBR, CP-Z650-2017-CS-GBR, CP-Z900-2017-CS-GBR, CP-ZXR400-2018-CS-GBR, CP-RSV4-2010-CS-GBR, CP-ZX6-2009-CS-GBR
    With Bullet Frame Sliders / 6mm / For Plain OE Covers CP675-CS-GBR