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Fastway Evolution Air Mount Kit / Footpeg Combo
Fastway Evolution Air Mount Kit / Footpeg Combo

$189.98 - $219.99

Select your bike to see if this foot peg fits


  • Description

  • Footpegs
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / Raised 22-4-002BKS
    Black / Standard 22-4-001BKS, 22-4-005BKS, 22-4-007BKS
    Blue / Standard 22-4-001BLS
    Clear / Raised 22-4-002CLS
    Clear / Standard 22-4-001CLS, 22-4-005CLS, 22-4-007CLS
    Orange / Standard 22-4-001ORS, 22-4-005ORS
    Red / Standard 22-4-001RDS
    Mount Kit
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Adventure/Standard Angle 22-3-0031S, 22-3-2031S, 22-3-5031S, 22-3-7031S, 22-3-8131S, 22-3-5231S, 22-3-0131S, 22-3-1031S, 22-3-3031S, 22-3-4031S, 22-3-5131S, 22-3-6031S, 22-3-6131S, 22-3-7131S, 22-3-9131S, 22-3-7331S
    Air EXT/Raised Angle 22-3-1031SH, 22-3-7331SH, 22-3-1231SH, 22-3-7031SH