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Factory Connection Shock Spring
Factory Connection Shock Spring

$129.95 - $164.95

Item #FCN0001

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Nico Verified Purchaser
Over 5 months ago Sac town
Very springy

I rebuilt my rear shock and filled with 12 psi of nitrous. My 96 yz resto was done besides the suspension. After replacing this spring it was like riding a new bike, had to get used to it but once I did it was so much better. Just remember it can be dangerous adding a stiff spring on your rear end without doing the same to your fronts. Thanks!

tmp210 Verified Purchaser
Over 6 months ago Jackson MS
Perfect sag (2013 ktm 300XC)

Purchased this about a month ago (6.4kg). I'm 6'1" and weigh 245. This has been fantastic for my trail riding. Bike corners and rides over obstacles much more uniformly. I would recommend factory connection springs.

Johnny Verified Purchaser
Over 8 months ago Bellmawr, NJ
Great Difference

I bought this about a month ago and have put about 60 miles of single track on it. It has improved my speed trememdously as I do not have to worry about my back end washing out. I would recommend this to everyone

Andy Kinser Verified Purchaser
Over 10 months ago Dallas Tx
Got the spring I needed for my weight

These springs are great and easy to install as advertised

Gene987 Verified Purchaser
Over 11 months ago Pomona ca
Amazing spring!

Felt so amazing to have a spring meant for my weight! Works perfect and makes the bike pop! Thanks Factory Connection!!!!

Andy The racer Verified Purchaser
1 year ago Florida
Great quality

The shock spring is a nice improvement

1 year ago Washington

Great spring very easy to install after watching the youtube video. very easy. bought the bike had a much to heavy spring replaced it with this and it rides better then ever. so glad i bought this with i had gotten it sooner

Roger21 Verified Purchaser
1 year 1 month ago Tri cities Washington
Good spring

Good spring so far, go on a website and figure out what spring rate you need for your weight

Blumpkin Verified Purchaser Top 250
1 year 1 month ago Endoor
Super boingy thing!

The paint is fantastic! I like this thing, but it did take me a few hours to straighten it out. It was all coiled up like a garden hose in the box when it arrived at my door. Once I got it straight, I was abe to install it in my Van.

Power Curve mx Verified Purchaser Top 100
1 year 2 months ago Nj
Works as intended to

Factory connection puts great finishes on their rear springs

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82 Questions
Answered:   74
Not Yet:   5
Q: I have a 2016 ktm 450 it still has the factory spring but I am 6"6 225 what size spring do I need
Over 6 months ago
Q: Is this for the rear ?
Over 6 months ago
Q: My son is 12 and is 114 pounds rides a 2019 yz 85 what fork springs and shock springs do I need
Over 7 months ago
Q: I have a 99 yz250 with stock springs. I weigh 230 and ride a little bit of everything. What spring set up should I go with?
Over 7 months ago
Top 10
Over 7 months ago
A: Please contact the manufacture for spring ratings.
Q: I am 115 kg with riding gear ,can you advise witch spring i need to buy for my YZ450 F 2019 thanks
Over 7 months ago
Q: Hi , i am 115 kg with riding gear witch spring i have to order ??
Over 7 months ago
Top 10
Over 7 months ago
A: To help us to find parts to fit correctly, we will need to know the year, make, and model of your motorcycle.

When it comes to recommending suspension parts and settings, there are too many variables, such as rider's weight, road and track conditions, riding style, passengers and luggage, for us to make a well informed suggestion - other than what the motorcycle-manufacturer recommended from the start as OEM.
A couple of excellent resources are Factory Connection and GP Suspension! They examine you and your bike and consider your unique requirements.
Q: Looking to purchase one. I have a 2013 KTM 300xc and was wondering what color the spring will be? I see there is a white and yellow one.
Over 8 months ago
Top 1
Over 8 months ago
A: Factory Connection springs are typically yellow in color.
Q: I’m restoring a 1990 CR250R. I’m 5’ 6” and weight 150lbs. I mostly trail ride, and would like a spring that would be best suit for that. 
Over 8 months ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
Over 8 months ago
A: Reach out to Factory connection for recommendations on spring rate based on your weight and riding style.
Q: I'm 5'5" tall weigh 130 without gear. What size front springs and rear spring would I need for a 2004 drz 400e? I don't want to lose any suspension travel of a too short rear spring.
Over 9 months ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
Over 9 months ago
A: Reach out to Factory connection for recommendations on spring rate based on your weight and riding style.
O 55
Q: I'm 56, 5'9" 225# rider that rides my YZ250FX on woods trails, fire roads, & mountain trails in eastern US. What springs would you recommend for front & rear. Also, would like to lower seat height by 1-1.5 inches. Could I accomplish with new springs?
Over 9 months ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
Over 9 months ago
A: Reach out to Factory connection for recommendations on spring rate based on your weight and riding style. I would recommend shaving your existing seat or buying a shorter one over attempting to reduce seat height by suspension means.
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6.7 Kg AAL0067
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4.6 Kg ALN-0046
4.8 Kg ALN-0048
5.0 Kg ALN-0050
5.2 Kg ALN0052
5.4 Kg ALN-0054
5.6 Kg ALN0056
5.8 Kg ALN0058
6.0 Kg ALN0060
6.3 Kg ALN-0063
4.7 Kg ALS-0047
4.9 Kg ALS-0049
5.1 Kg ALS-0051
5.3 Kg ALS-0053
5.5 Kg ALS-0055
5.7 Kg ALS0057
5.9 Kg ALS-0059
6.1 Kg ALS-0061
6.3 Kg ALS-0063
7.5Kg-9.7Kg FCW2
8.0Kg-10.3Kg FC-FCW-3
8.5Kg-11.0Kg FC-FCW-4
9.0Kg-11.5Kg FC-FCW-H
5.0 Kg NNE0050
4.5 Kg NNI-0045
4.7 Kg NNI-0047
5.1 Kg NNI-0051
3.5 Kg NNR-0035
4.5 Kg ALR-0045
4.7 Kg ALR-0047
4.9 Kg ALR-0049
5.1 Kg ALR-0051
5.5 Kg ALR-0055
5.2 Kg ALA-0052
5.5 Kg ALA-0055
5.8 Kg ALA-0058
6.1 Kg ALA-0061
6.4 Kg ALA-0064
4.5 Kg NNR-0045
4.7 Kg NNR-0047
3.0 Kg NNE-0030
3.7 Kg NNE-0037
4.0 Kg NNE-0040
4.5 Kg NNE-0045
6.3 Kg ALL-0063
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