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Dirt Bike Tire Studs

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Most Recent Tire Studs Reviews

Grip Studs Dirt Bike Tire Studs Grip Studs Dirt Bike Tire Studs Clyde - Wisconsin, USA They do what they say, "I ordered these so I could extend my riding season. I wasn't clear on the install or if it included a tool (it did not say in the ad description. So I ordered the tool from grip stud directly. When I received the studs they have a tool with them, So you do not need to buy one. You should use a tire that is hard and without siped knobs as well. The studs were hard to start in some knobs but not others, not sure why. Also i could have sued closer to 150/200 studs for the rear and 120-150 for the front. I will buy more to finish the job. They do stick and work as advertised."
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Grip Studs Dirt Bike Tire Studs Grip Studs Dirt Bike Tire Studs Yamaman - Oregon, USA Grip Studs are AWESOME "These studs just plain BAD. Never have I had so much fun out trail riding in wet weather. Forget the snow and ice, you need these for the mud and slop. Wet tree roots are nothing with studs. Hill climbs and ruts, you fly over them. And they really stay in GOOD!! I put them in Brigdestone 403/404. I first heard of them when Rory Sullivan won the Washougal Hangover race. Ya, they let you run studs for that race. Good product, you will love them. Yamaman."
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