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Sunstar Sprockets & Chains

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Steel Rear Sprocket
$15.77 - 46.36
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Sunstar Sprockets

Sunstar manufactures quality sprockets and chains for dirt bikes, ATVs and motorcycles. In fact, most OEMs choose Sunstar for their drive and brake parts. The Sunstar name encompasses sprockets and chains while the company's aftermarket brand called Braking offers rotors, caliper brackets and brake pads.

Sunstar represents one of the Top 3 brands sold by MotoSport for drive and brake applications because of the company's commitment to quality and durability that delivers ultimate performance for off-road, on-road and racing but at a price the weekend rider can afford.

MotoSport stocks Sunstar sprockets and chain kits individually or as kits for dirt bikes, ATVs and motorcycles while offering individual rotors, pads and caliper brackets or as complete kits under the Braking brand.

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