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Michelin Dirt Bike Inner Tubes

Most Recent Inner Tubes Reviews

Michelin Heavy Duty Inner Tube Michelin Heavy Duty Inner Tube Jeffro91 - Alabama Back on the trail!!! "Bought this tube for my Suzuki 125 dirt bike front wheel. Installed easy and aired up the first time like brand new. Now every time I ride I look out into the distance and there he is in all his fluffy wonder. The Michelin Man is right there cheering me on telling me to “Send It”!!!"
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Michelin Inner Tube Michelin Inner Tube Black954 - Chicago, IL, USA One of the 2 I ordered was no good "I bought these cause I didn't want to go with a cheap no name brand for tubes. I always replace tubes when replacing tires so I've dealt with a LOT of inner tubes. I was extremely disappointed when one of the tubes leaked immediately. The valve core leaked and it was obvious the core was cross threaded from the factory because all the threads came out when I removed the valve core. Getting a bad inner tube is a deal breaker for me on a dirt bike. I've never had a bad tube out of the box on the "cheap" brands I've used in the past."
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