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CruzTOOLS TirePro Dial Tire Gauge CruzTOOLS TirePro Dial Tire Gauge 1Old - San Jose, CA, USA Dependible Tire Gauge "I now have 3 of these gauges, garage, Bike shed, and hauler ... very flexible, and had them dropped and they have not let me down yet ..."
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CruzTOOLS Combo Axle Wrench CruzTOOLS Combo Axle Wrench rich - Colorado, USA The wrench took a beating. "I bought this wrench to loosen the rear axle nut on my Yamaha Bolt. I needed to adjust the tension of the drive belt. The wrench looked a bit too light weight, but It took a beating and worked fine. The nut was so tight that it took several hards strikes with a hammer to loosen the nut. As a result, the wrench looks well used after just one use but is still very functional."
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