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Dirt Tricks Zirconium Rear Sprocket
Dirt Tricks Zirconium Rear Sprocket

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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / 48T KTM-48-D-B, CR-48-D-B, RM-48-D-B, YZ-48-D-B
    Black / 49T BT-49-D-B, KTM-49-D-B, CR-49-D-B, RM-49-D-B, YZ-49-D-B, KX-49-D-B
    Black / 50T BT-50-D-B, KTM-50-D-B, CR-50-D-B, RM-50-D-B, YZ-50-D-B, KX-50-D-B
    Black / 51T BT-51-D-B, KTM-51-D-B, CR-51-D-B, RM-51-D-B, YZ-51-D-B, KX-51-D-B
    Black / 52T KTM-52-D-B, CR-52-D-B, YZ-52-D-B, KX-52-D-B
    Chrome / 48T KTM-48-Z-C, CR-48-Z-C, RM-48-Z-C, YZ-48-Z-C
    Chrome / 49T BT-49-Z-C, KTM-49-Z-C, CR-49-Z-C, RM-49-Z-C, YZ-49-Z-C, KX-49-Z-C
    Chrome / 50T BT-50-Z-C, KTM-50-Z-C, CR-50-Z-C, RM-50-Z-C, YZ-50-Z-C, KX-50-Z-C
    Chrome / 51T BT-51-Z-C, KTM-51-Z-C, CR-51-Z-C, RM-51-Z-C, YZ-51-Z-C, KX-51-Z-C
    Chrome / 52T KTM-52-Z-C, CR-52-Z-C, YZ-52-Z-C, KX-52-Z-C