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Dirt Tricks Rear Sprocket
Dirt Tricks Rear Sprocket

$76.77 - $107.99
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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Chrome / 41T HV-41
    Chrome / 42T CR-42, KTM-42, KTMA-42
    Chrome / 43T CR-43, HV-43, KX-43, YZ-43
    Chrome / 45T CR-45, HV-45, KTM-45, KTMA-45, KX-45, RM-45, YZ-45
    Chrome / 46T CR-46, HV-46, KTM-46, KX-46, RM-46, YZ-46
    Chrome / 46T/428 Pitch KTM85-46
    Chrome / 47T CR-47, HV-47, KTM-47, KTMA-47, KX-47, RM-47, YZ-47
    Chrome / 47T/428 Pitch YZ85-47
    Chrome / 48T BT-48, CR-48, HV-48, KTM-48, KX-48, RM-48, YZ-48
    Chrome / 48T/428 Pitch KTM85-48, YZ85-48
    Chrome / 49T BT-49, CR-49, HV-49, KTM-49, KX-49, RM-49, YZ-49
    Chrome / 49T/428 Pitch KTM85-49, YZ85-49
    Chrome / 50T BT-50, CR-50, HV-50, KTM-50, KX-50, RM-50, YZ-50
    Chrome / 50T/428 Pitch KTM85-50
    Chrome / 51T BT-51, CR-51, HV-51, KTM-51, KX-51, RM-51, YZ-51
    Chrome / 51T/420 Pitch CR85-51(420)
    Chrome / 51T/428 Pitch CR85-51
    Chrome / 52T BT-52, CR-52, HV-52, KTM-52, KX-52, RM-52, YZ-52
    Chrome / 53T CR-53, KTM-53, KX-53, YZ-53
    Chrome / 53T/420 Pitch CR85-53(420)
    Chrome / 53T/428 Pitch CR85-53
    Chrome / 55T/420 Pitch CR85-55(420)
    Chrome / 55T/428 Pitch CR85-55