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Dirt Tricks Chain and Zirconium Sprocket Kit
Dirt Tricks Chain and Zirconium Sprocket Kit

$182.99 - $310.99
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Item #DTK000E

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flynryan16 Verified Purchaser
Over 8 months ago Outer Banks, NC
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Longest lasting sprocket I've owned

Looks good and lasts forever. A+ from this rider.

TX248 Top 100 Verified Purchaser
1 year 8 months ago League City, TX
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Most durable sprockets on the market!

The dirt tricks sprockets are unbelievably strong. I have 77 hours on my dirt tricks rear sprocket so far and it's showing no signs of wear yet. Never experienced this before. Looks great too. You won't be disappointed with the dirt tricks sprockets!

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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Natural / 120 Links 520VOX120FB
Natural / 120 Links 520 x 120
Gold/Gold / 120 Links 520ERT3 G&G X 120
Natural / 120 Links 520NZ x 120
Gold / 120 Links SS520XTG-120
Gold / 120 Links 520DZ2120
Natural / 120 Links SS520SSR-120
Gold / 120 Links SS520MXR1-120
Natural / 120 Links SS520HDN-120
Gold / 120 Links 520ERV3 G&G X 120
Gold / 120 Links C416
Gold / 120 Links C128
Front Sprocket
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
15T YK2-15
15T XR2-15
13T YK2-13
13T RM3-13
14T RM4B-14
12T CR2-12
14T RM2-14
15T HV1-15
12T KTM-12
13T HV1-13
14T HV1-14
13T F1B-13
14T F1-14
14T CR3-14
13T YZ1-13
13T KTM-13
13T CR3-13
14T KTM-14
13T RM2-13
15T KTM-15
15T RM2-15
12T KX1-12
13T RM4B-13
13T KX1-13
14T XR2-14
15T KX1-15
12T YK2-12
13T KX3-13
14T YK2-14
13T RM3B-13
12T YZ1-12
14T CR2-14
14T YZ1-14
15T CR2-15
14T KX3-14
13T CR2-13
13T CR1-13
13T RM1-13
12T RM1-12
14T CR1-14
12T CR1-12
Rear Sprocket
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Chrome / 51T RM-51 Z-C
Chrome / 52T CR-52 Z-C
Chrome / 49T RM-49 Z-C
Black / 50T CR-50 Z-B
Chrome / 50T CR-50 Z-C
Chrome / 49T KX-49 Z-C
Black / 51T KTM-51 Z-B
Black / 51T RM-51 Z-B
Black / 48T YZ-48 Z-B
Black / 49T RM-49 Z-B
Black / 50T RM-50 Z-B
Black / 48T RM-48 Z-B
Black / 52T CR-52 Z-B
Black / 51T CR-51 Z-B
Chrome / 49T YZ-49 Z-C
Black / 49T YZ-49 Z-B
Chrome / 51T YZ-51 Z-C
Black / 50T YZ-50 Z-B
Chrome / 51T KX-51 Z-C
Black / 51T YZ-51 Z-B
Black / 48T KTM-48 Z-B
Black / 52T YZ-52 Z-B
Chrome / 49T CR-49 Z-C
Black / 49T KX-49 Z-B
Chrome / 51T CR-51 Z-C
Black / 50T KX-50 Z-B
Chrome / 48T RM-48 Z-C
Black / 51T KX-51 Z-B
Chrome / 50T RM-50 Z-C
Black / 52T KX-52 Z-B
Chrome / 48T YZ-48 Z-C
Chrome / 48T KTM-48 Z-C
Chrome / 50T YZ-50 Z-C
Chrome / 49T KTM-49 Z-C
Chrome / 52T YZ-52 Z-C
Chrome / 50T KTM-50 Z-C
Chrome / 50T KX-50 Z-C
Chrome / 51T KTM-51 Z-C
Chrome / 52T KX-52 Z-C
Chrome / 52T KTM-52 Z-C
Black / 49T KTM-49 Z-B
Chrome / 48T CR-48 Z-C
Black / 52T KTM-52 Z-B
Black / 49T CR-49 Z-B
Black / 50T KTM-50 Z-B
Black / 48T CR-48 Z-B