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Cylinder Works Vertex Big Bore Replacement Piston
Cylinder Works Vertex Big Bore Replacement Piston

$71.96 - $239.36
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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    100.00mm Bore 22966B
    100mm Bore 23200450
    102mm Bore 23368700
    105mm Bore 23626B, 23640B, 23967B
    46.5mm Bore 22882200
    47mm Bore 22858200
    49.5mm Bore 22866200, 22871200
    50.5mm Bore 22875200
    50mm Bore 22880200
    52.5mm Bore 23628B
    52mm Bore 23205400
    53mm Bore 23205500
    54.5mm Bore Single Ring Race Piston 23621200
    54.5mm Bore Standard Piston 23614200
    55mm Bore 23119100
    56mm Bore 23119200
    58mm Bore 23384400, 23335B
    68mm Bore 23520B, 23868B
    72mm Bore 24079B
    77mm Bore 22979200
    79mm Bore 22982200, 23461B, 23589B
    80.00mm Bore 23405B, 23129B
    80mm Bore 22983200, 23274B, 23654B, 23678B, 23679B, 23680B, 23925B, 24032B
    80mm Bore Pro Piston 24081B, 24103B
    80mm Bore Standard Piston 23653B, 23943B
    81.00mm Bore 23535B
    81mm Bore 23867B
    82mm Bore 23645B
    83mm Bore 23245600
    84mm Bore 23296, 23231700, 23232600
    85mm Bore 23318700
    87mm Bore 23234200
    88mm Bore 23234300
    89mm Bore 23234400
    90mm Bore 23656B
    91mm Bore 22973100, 23910B, 24026B
    94.00mm Bore 23533B
    97mm Bore 22958200, 23007B, 23531B
    98.00mm Bore 23404B
    98mm Bore 23403B, 23521B, 23834B, 24029B, 24031B
    99.00mm Bore 23534B
    99mm Bore 23523B, 23595B, 23655B, 23924B

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to