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Cycra Powerflow Plastic Kit
Cycra Powerflow Plastic Kit

$143.99 - $253.99
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Item #CYC000U

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Nik D
1 month 27 days ago
Worth it

Installed on a 2018 yz250f. The shrouds might be a bit of a pain to install but it make the bike feel so much better ergonomically(makes the bike feel narrower). I swear the engine runs smoother because of the better air intake. Sure changing air filters is harder, but the performance is worth it in my opinion. The 2019 yzf shrouds are basically a copy of the powerflow.

Dsaint64 Verified Purchaser
2 months 13 days ago
Looks good but holes didn’t line up exact

Radiator shrouds didn’t line up exact. Every other plastic lined up good. Looks great I like the glossy finish. DO NOT put goof off on black plastic or any color besides white. It will fade.

Rudedude863 Verified Purchaser
2 months 14 days ago Charlotte NC
Great plastic kit, sent me the wrong color

I would rate this higher if not for the fact that motosport unfortunately sent me the wrong color, the plastic kit other wise is very nice and fits great so not a knock on the product at all.

Curtis P
4 months 10 days ago Bakersfield C.A.
Cool Plastic Kit

I use the Powerflow Kit on all Racers look good and helps with Air Flow.

Power Curve mx Verified Purchaser Top 100
4 months 24 days ago Nj
Awesome plastics!

We run all these plastics on our race bikes and love em!!

Bdog Verified Purchaser
Over 5 months ago Lafayette,Louisiana

I’m so happy I bought cycra plastics so nice! New bike look

Jboa75 Verified Purchaser
Over 5 months ago OC
Good fit

Plastics look great and fit good.

CraigSharf Verified Purchaser
Over 7 months ago Ohio
Always the best plastics

This is my second full set of Cycra power flow plastics. My first set has held up for years with no cracks. While the quality is good, the mold quality is okay, there was a lot of mold lines that needed trimmed a little bit with a razor blade, but they always look great anyway!

Over 11 months ago Seattle, WA
Fork guards/shrouds don't fit even close

Well....They quickly and got here on time. The front and rear fenders fit perfect as well as the number plate and side number panels. That's all I have to say that is positive about this kit. Now the negative and I'll save the best for last :) 1. it's not a glossy black and comes pretty faded might be ok with a graphics kit 2. Radiator Shrouds either need to be heated and bent/stretched or something, but they really don't fit. They just aren't big enough and the holes are slightly off to the point of the last bolt that you try to put on won't fit/match up. 3. THE FORK GUARD BOLT HOLES DO NOT MATCH UP AT ALL!! I can deal with the rest of the issues but this is completely unacceptable!! I mean really do you need me to send you the OEM fork guards so you can get a proper template??? Perhaps they sent me the wrong fork guards, but everything else seemed to line up decently (Minus the radiator shrouds). with a lot of heating and zip ties to reform the plastic mold I was able to get two bolts in. On one side I had to use my dremel to cut a slot by the inner bolt hole so it would rest relatively correct. Don't get me wrong the bolt hole still didn't even come close to matching up and still doesn't no matter what. If you take the OEM fork guard and line it up with this one you'll see how ridiculous it is. This was purchased for a 2013 kx450f

1 year 1 month ago Portland OR
Tight Fit, quality plastic.

2018 CRF450R - The Powerflow ducting on the shrouds makes them a little tricky to put on, you kinda gotta bend/press to get the fitment. But all fenders, side plates etc. all went on perfectly. All the foam and reflective tape came with the kit, which was great. The Stadium Plate looks really good! Way happy with these! Motosport shipped these out really fast too!

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50 Questions
Answered:   47
Not Yet:   3
Q: I have a 1988 yamaha yz250 i cant find the plastics can you help me find some or know of any that will fit
2 months 23 days ago
Top 1
2 months 23 days ago
A: We offer a couple body pieces for your bike from UFO, but due to its age there is very little out there in the way of body parts.
Q: Are the little yellow Cycra logos removable?
Over 5 months ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
Over 5 months ago
A: Those are stickers and may not come on the plastics when you receive them.
Q: Would i have to get a costom graphic kit to fit these powerflow plastics? I have a 2014 yz250f .Or would the regular graphic kit fit these plastics?
Over 5 months ago
Q: 2008 KTM 450 EXC-r; does the kit include a headlight shroud or just a number plate?
Over 6 months ago
Top 10
Over 6 months ago
A: This kit will only include a number plate, you will not receive a headlight shroud with this order.
Over 7 months ago
Top 10
Over 7 months ago
A: They have orange air box covers but not a complete replacement air box.
Q: On a Yamaha do the plastics come with the stock blue and white or are all the plastics blue?
Over 10 months ago
Dan Gearhead
Top 25
Over 10 months ago
A: The Cycra Powerflow Plastic Kit will be offered in OE colors, all blue or other depending on Yamaha application.
Q: Hello, I have a stock ‘17 yz250f. This will be replacing my stock air box cover with rivets. Do i need to buy any additional items or will this work?
Over 10 months ago
Dan Gearhead
Top 25
Over 10 months ago
A: The part in this kit will be a direct replacement for O.E.M. covers.
Q: Do I need to change the air box on my 06 yz125 for these to fit? And are they gonna look like the restyle kit or the oem plastics?
Over 11 months ago
Top 1
Over 11 months ago
A: You would not need to change your air box on your bike. These plastics are based off of your OEM plastic.
Q: Dose this kit come with the red plastic brackets for radiator shouts on a 2014 yz 250f
Over 11 months ago
Top 10
Over 11 months ago
A: This will not include any mounting brackets just the plastic kit.
Q: Will the plastics for the 06 yz 250 match the 2018 in look.
Over 11 months ago
Top 10
Over 11 months ago
A: No it will come as the original style fitment.
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Red 1CYC-9301-33
Red 1CYC-9302-33
Red 1CYC-9303-33
Red 1CYC-9304-33
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Stock 1CYC-9309-02
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Blue 1CYC-9312-62
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Blue 1CYC-9316-62
Blue 1CYC-9327-62
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Orange 1CYC-9309-22
Orange 1CYC-9310-22
Orange 1CYC-9314-22
Orange 1CYC-9317-22
Green 1CYC-9307-72
Green 1cyc-9308-72
Green 1CYC-9318-72
Flo Green 1CYC-9307-72F
Flo Green 1CYC-9308-72F
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OEM 1CYC-9327-02
OEM Colors 1CYC-9316-02
OEM Colors 1CYC-9319-02
OEM Colors 1CYC-9320-02
OEM Colors 1CYC-9321-02
OEM Colors 1CYC-9322-02
OEM Colors 2016 1CYC-9317-02
OEM/Lightning Gold 1CYC-9312-02LG
OEM/Lightning Gold 1CYC-9316-02LG
OEM/Red 1CYC-9312-02R
OEM/Red 1CYC-9315-02R
OEM/Red 1CYC-9316-02R
White/Red 1CYC-9312-42R
White/Red 1CYC-9316-42R
Gold/Black 1CYC-9316-66b
Gold/White 1CYC-9316-66W
Flo Orange 1CYC-9317-22F
OEM Green 1CYC-9319-72
Husqvarna Blue 1CYC-9321-89
Battleship Grey 1CYC-9327-97