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Cobra Cruiser Foot Controls

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Cobra Front Floorboards Cobra Front Floorboards passaMike - Montana Just what I needed "I rode a friends bike that had floorboards and I knew that was what I needed. I was so happy to get a bike that was low enough to the ground that I could go flat footed and be comfortable stopping and starting with the bike. Its a Honda 1300 Sabre. But reaching the brake and gearshift was quite a stretch for my 5'4" frame. These floorboards give me a lot of comfortable real estate for my feet and I am not always stretched out. They are heavy duty to be sure. The chrome is stunning and a great match for my bike. These came timely just as they said and tracking was easy. Installation on the right side took about 10 minutes. But the left side about an hour. The instructions show a really simple picture of moving the horn back to fit the floorboard in. The spacers and bolts were provided and they worked perfect. However finding the original bolts and taking them out was a challenge due to the absence of space to work the tools. Once the horn and bolt were removed I had to loosen the horn and turn it so that the horn wires were free from binding on the frame. The fit is perfect and the function is great. These things are a solid piece of work. No junk here. I found some cheaper ones after the sale but I like the looks and quality of these Cobra floorboards."
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Cobra Passenger Floorboards Cobra Passenger Floorboards The1SG ""
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