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CRG RC2 Clutch Lever
CRG RC2 Clutch Lever

$ 81.77 - $ 98.96
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Item #CGG0001

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6 Reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Verified Purchaser
Odessa, Texas
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Amazing quality, color a little darker

The quality and adjustability on these levers are amazing, my only complain is that the golden color is a little darker and does not match my golden forks that well.

Verified Purchaser
San Diego CA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 4/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Brake/Clutch levers

Got the set a month ago and love em! Just click to adjust and you’re all set! Looks way better than the stock stuff and more durable. Wont have to worry that the shorty levers will break in case the bike falls!

Verified Purchaser
New york
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 4/5 Style 5/5
I like em

There not as strenuous on the "pull in" the the OEM's. I love the quick adjust. They take some getting use to in the adjustment area meaning getting "your" perfect shift point to with the clutch level but all in all I wouldn't change em. They have me hooked.

Durability 4/5 Ease of Installation 4/5 Performance 4/5 Style 4/5

Verified Purchaser
Hawthorne, CA, USA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Style 5/5
Love it

they feel way thicker then oem. finger rub gone. if you looking for better feel with your lever this is for you

Atlanta, GA, USA
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 4/5 Style 5/5
Worthwhile upgrade

Levers are so expensive!! But your hands touch them 100% of the time you ride, so it's certainly worth the money to me. I've never had brands other than ASV so I thought I'd give these a shot since so many online companies carry them, and thus so many riders have them. I like the adjusters on these (can be done on the fly), the billet feel (they do look and feel like a million bucks!), and the plastic slider tips; but compared to ASV, there is less range of adjustability for my regular/large hands and they don't flip forwards if they contact something (the ground maybe?). Overall, I don't think they're as good as ASV and I will be returning these.

+ Sweet billet construction
+ Feel awesome
+ Super easy to adjust
+ Plastic tips

- Don't adjust as far as ASV
- Not as crash-worthy as ASV

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Red / Standard 2AN-611-T-
Red / Shorty 2AN-613-H-
Red / Shorty 2AN-622-H-
Red / Standard 2AN-622-T-
Red / Shorty 2AN-641-H-
Red / Standard 2AN-641-T-
Red / Shorty 2RB-522-H-
Red / Standard 2RB-522-T-
Red / Shorty 2AN-631-H-
Red / Standard 2AN-631-T-
Red / Shorty 2AB-521C-H
Red / Standard 2AB-521C-T
Red / Shorty 2AN-671-H-
Red / Standard 2AN-671-T-
Red / Shorty 2AB-611-H-
Red / Standard 2AB-611-T-
Red / Shorty 2AN-651-H-
Red / Standard 2AN-651-T-
Red / Shorty 2AN-642-H-
Red / Standard AD-611-T-R
Red / Shorty AD-611-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-662-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-632-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-632-T-R
Black / Standard 2AN-642-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-661-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-661-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-683-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-683-T-
Black / Shorty 2RN-611-H-
Black / Standard 2RN-611-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-681-H-
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Black / Shorty 2RM-611-H-
Black / Standard 2RM-611-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-612-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-612-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-614-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-614-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-643-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-643-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-611-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-611-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-613-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-613-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-622-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-622-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-641-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-641-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-623-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-623-T-
Black / Shorty 2RB-522-H-
Black / Standard 2RB-522-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-631-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-631-T-
Black / Shorty 2AB-521C-H
Black / Standard 2AB-521C-T
Black / Shorty 2AN-671-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-671-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-621-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-621-T-
Black / Shorty 2AB-611-H-
Black / Standard 2AB-611-T-
Black / Shorty 2AB-511C-H
Black / Standard 2AB-511C-T
Black / Shorty 2AN-651-H-
Black / Standard 2AN-651-T-
Black / Shorty 2AN-642-H-
Black / Shorty 2AN-682-H-B
Black / Standard AD-611-T-B
Black / Shorty AD-611-H-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-662-T-B
Black / Standard 2AN-662-H-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-632-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-632-T-B
Gold / Standard 2AN-642-T-
Gold / Shorty 2AN-681-H-
Gold / Standard 2AN-681-T-
Gold / Shorty 2AN-612-H-
Gold / Standard 2AN-612-T-
Gold / Shorty 2AN-614-H-
Gold / Shorty 2AN-643-H-
Gold / Shorty 2AN-611-H-
Gold / Shorty 2AN-622-H-
Gold / Shorty 2AN-641-H-
Gold / Standard 2AN-641-T-
Gold / Shorty 2RB-522-H-
Gold / Standard 2RB-522-T-
Gold / Shorty 2AN-631-H-
Gold / Standard 2AN-631-T-
Gold / Standard 2AB-521C-T
Gold / Shorty 2AN-671-H-
Gold / Shorty 2AB-611-H-
Gold / Standard 2AB-511C-T
Gold / Shorty 2AN-651-H-
Gold / Standard 2AN-651-T-
Gold / Shorty 2AN-642-H-
Gold / Standard AD-611-T-G
Gold / Shorty AD-611-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-662-T-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-662-H-G