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CRG RC2 Brake / Clutch Lever Combo
CRG RC2 Brake / Clutch Lever Combo

$169.73 - $197.92
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Item #CGG000E

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29 Reviews
4.6 out of 5 stars
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MORACER77 Verified Purchaser
Over 5 months ago VA
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Nicely engineered

Very happy with levers. Much improvement over oem. Great help at the track

Aaron Verified Purchaser
2 years 6 months ago Florida
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Bought these for my 2017 FZ-09

Great fit and performance out of these levers. Wish they were a little cheaper. Regardless, they look way better than stock and adjust to reach. I use two fingers for the clutch lever and one for the brake. These levers are easy to dial in for perfect fit.

Cream Verified Purchaser
2 years 6 months ago South Jersey
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Upgrade I needed!

These levers were affordable, easy to install, probably 20 minutes total , and added that style to handlebars required on my 07 R6. I love the functionality and ease of use.

BikerBill Verified Purchaser
Over 3 years ago Boynton Beach ,FL, USA
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Great levers!

Easy install.....Good looking.....Smooth and comfortable action

JDLC252 Verified Purchaser
Over 3 years ago Tacoma
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Awesome levers

Great levers. Super easy install. Just what I was looking for. Colors go great with my bike. I get compliments on them and I tell them Motowport.com had the best deal on them and it was on time shipping.

Luis Verified Purchaser
Over 3 years ago
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5

Rowdy Verified Purchaser Top 500 Contributor
Over 5 years ago Hot Springs, AR, USA
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Just do it,

Literally a 5 minute install on both levers. I went years before upgrading from stock levers, one of the single best investments yet.

zx6rRider Verified Purchaser
Over 5 years ago new hampshire
Durability4/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
New levers

Overall installation was easy straight forward swap. Fitment is good has a nice quality finish on them and adjustment are simple. They are a little more squared off than I thought fingers both roll off on release but not a big deal. Happy with purchase. Motorsport was helpful getting the order out and shipping was fast. Thanks

Rafael Verified Purchaser
Over 5 years ago CT
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5
Great purchase

Bought a set of these for my 2010 zx10r and I absolutely love these levers

Grim Verified Purchaser
Over 5 years ago
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Style5/5

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11 Questions
Answered:   11
Not Yet:   0
Q: Do these have mirror mounts for the '16 FZ07?
1 year 3 months ago
Top 1
1 year 3 months ago
A: These are replacement levers. There are no perches included to mount mirrors on.
Q: Brake Lever Out of Stock
Over 3 years ago
The CRG RC2 brake lever is out of stock. Can this item be paid for on back order? If so, how long might it take to be shipped? Thank you.
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 3 years ago
A: Please call one of our sales professionals to inquire about special orders and availability.
Q: What is the part # for these?
Over 3 years ago
Didn't see it on the this site. Just cross checking for price and fitment. Thanks
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 3 years ago
A: That would depend on the model they are being ordered for. Please give us a call so we can look up the part number for your specific motorcycle.
Over 4 years ago
Do the shorties feel better than the standard? I need help choosing. Im worried the shorties wouldn't feel natural.
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago
A: The longer standard lever will have more leverage giving it a bit of an easier pull. Most noticeably on the clutch side, brakes on modern bikes are so powerful that one finger is all one usually needs.
Q: 2005 - 2012 honda cbr
Over 5 years ago
Is there any difference in fitment from a 2005 cbr600rr to a 2012 cbr1000rra? they look the exact same!
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 5 years ago
A: Yes, the clutch lever will be the same but the brake lever is different.
Q: If I buy the black will it come just how the pic show black with the red lever
Over 5 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 5 years ago
A: Yes, The Black levers have a small red adjustment lever just like shown in the image.
Q: I have onewith code AN-523 whats this mean? very simaliar to what i have
Over 5 years ago
Over 5 years ago
A: The AN-523 is the part number.
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 5 years ago
A: That number is likely the manufactures part number, but I really have no way to say if that would be the same as a CRG lever really.
Q: Do I need to buy any extra hardware to mount them? I have a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R.
Over 6 years ago
Top 500 Contributor
Over 6 years ago
A: No, anything you need will be included. Even decals.
MotoSport Staff
Over 6 years ago
A: These levers are built to work with your OEM perches, for your 2012 ZX6R. You will not need to purchase any additional hardware to install these on your bike.
Don P
Q: Will these levers work with the stock hand guards? 2009 Ducati Hypermotard 1100
Over 6 years ago
CRG RC2 Brake and Clutch Levers
MotoSport Staff
Over 6 years ago
A: Unfortunately these levers will not work with the stock hand guards on your 2009 Ducati Hypermotard according to CRG.
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# Part Numbers
Brake Lever
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Gold / Shorty 2AB-541-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-532-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AB-541-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2AB-521B-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AB-521B-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2RN-531-H-G
Gold / Standard 2RN-531-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2RB-516-H-G
Gold / Standard 2RB-516-T-G
Gold / Standard 2AB-531-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2RB-514-H-G
Gold / Standard 2RN-512-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2AB-531-H-G
Gold / Standard 2RN-511-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2RN-512-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-521-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2RN-511-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-571-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-521-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-551-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-551-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2RN-521-H-G
Gold / Standard 2RN-521-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2AB-511B-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AB-511B-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-531-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-531-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2RB-517-H-G
Gold / Standard 2RB-517-T-G
Black / Shorty 2AN-572-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-572-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AB-541-H-B
Black / Standard 2AB-541-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RN-531-H-B
Black / Standard 2RN-531-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-532-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-532-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RB-516-H-B
Black / Standard 2RB-516-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RB-514-H-B
Black / Standard 2RB-514-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AB-531-H-B
Black / Standard 2AB-531-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-523-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-523-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RN-512-H-B
Black / Standard 2RN-512-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RN-511-H-B
Black / Standard 2RN-511-T-B
Black / Standard 2AN-571-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-521-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-551-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-571-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-541-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-551-H-B
Black / Standard 2RN-521-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-541-H-B
Black / Standard 2AB-511B-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RN-521-H-B
Black / Standard 2RB-513-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AB-511B-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-531-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RB-513-H-B
Black / Standard 2RN-511-S1-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-531-H-B
Black / Standard 2AB-521B-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RN-511-S1-H-B
Black / Standard 2RB-517-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AB-521B-H-B
Red / Standard 2AN-572-T-R
Black / Shorty 2RB-517-H-B
Red / Standard 2AB-541-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-572-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AB-521B-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AB-541-H-R
Red / Shorty 2RN-531-H-R
Red / Standard 2RN-531-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-532-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-532-T-R
Red / Shorty 2RB-516-H-R
Red / Standard 2RB-516-T-R
Red / Shorty 2RB-514-H-R
Red / Standard 2RB-514-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AB-531-H-R
Red / Standard 2AB-531-T-R
Red / Shorty 2RN-512-H-R
Red / Standard 2RN-512-T-R
Red / Shorty 2RN-511-H-R
Red / Standard 2RN-511-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-521-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-521-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-571-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-571-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-551-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-551-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-541-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-541-T-R
Red / Shorty 2RN-521-H-R
Red / Standard 2RN-521-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AB-511B-H-R
Red / Standard 2AB-511B-T-R
Red / Shorty 2RN-511-S1-H-R
Red / Standard 2RN-511-S1-T-R
Red / Standard 2RB-517-T-R
Red / Standard 2AB-521B-T-R
Red / Shorty 2RB-517-H-R
Clutch Lever
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Gold / Standard 2AD-611-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-642-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-651-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-641-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-632-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AD-621-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AB-521C-T-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-631-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-631-H-G
Gold / Standard 2RB-522-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2RB-522-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-641-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-662-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-662-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-671-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AD-621-T-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-671-T-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-632-T-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-611-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-614-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-622-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-612-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-643-H-G
Gold / Shorty 2AN-681-H-G
Gold / Standard 2AN-612-T-G
Black / Shorty 2AN-672-H-B
Gold / Standard 2AN-681-T-G
Black / Shorty 2AD-621-H-B
Gold / Standard 2AN-642-T-G
Black / Shorty 2AN-632-H-B
Black / Standard 2AD-621-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-662-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-632-T-B
Black / Standard 2AD-611-T-B
Black / Standard 2AN-662-T-B
Black / Standard 2AN-651-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AD-611-H-B
Black / Standard 2AB-511C-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-642-H-B
Black / Standard 2AB-611-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-651-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-621-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AB-511C-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-671-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AB-611-H-B
Black / Standard 2AB-521C-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-621-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-631-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-671-H-B
Black / Standard 2RB-522-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AB-521C-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-623-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-631-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-641-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RB-522-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-622-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-623-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-613-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-641-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-611-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-622-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-643-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-613-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-614-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-611-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-612-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-643-H-B
Black / Standard 2RM-611-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-614-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-681-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-612-H-B
Black / Standard 2RN-611-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RM-611-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-683-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-681-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-661-T-B
Black / Shorty 2RN-611-H-B
Black / Standard 2AN-642-T-B
Black / Shorty 2AN-683-H-B
Red / Shorty 2AN-672-H-R
Black / Shorty 2AN-661-H-B
Red / Shorty 2AD-621-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-672-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-632-H-R
Red / Standard 2AD-621-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AD-611-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-632-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-642-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-662-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-651-H-R
Red / Standard 2AD-611-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AB-611-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-651-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-671-H-R
Red / Standard 2AB-611-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AB-521C-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-671-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-631-H-R
Red / Standard 2AB-521C-T-R
Red / Shorty 2RB-522-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-631-T-R
Red / Standard 2AN-641-T-R
Red / Standard 2RB-522-T-R
Red / Standard 2AN-622-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-623-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-613-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-641-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-611-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-622-H-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-643-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-611-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-614-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-643-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-612-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-614-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-681-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-612-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-683-H-R
Red / Standard 2AN-681-T-R
Red / Shorty 2AN-661-H-R
Red / Shorty 2RN-611-H-R
Gold / Shorty 2AB-511C-H-G
Red / Standard 2AN-661-T-R
Gold / Standard 2AB-511C-T-G
Red / Standard 2AN-642-T-R