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CRG RC2 Brake / Clutch Lever Combo
CRG RC2 Brake / Clutch Lever Combo

$69.54 - $215.92
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      • Product Details

      • Brake Lever
        Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        Black / Shorty 2RB-517-H-B, 2AB-521B-H-B, 2RN-511-S1-H-B, 2AN-531-H-B, 2AB-511B-H-B, 2RN-521-H-B, 2AN-541-H-B, 2AN-551-H-B, 2AN-571-H-B, 2AN-521-H-B, 2RN-511-H-B, 2RN-512-H-B, 2AB-531-H-B, 2RB-514-H-B, 2RB-516-H-B, 2AN-532-H-B, 2RN-531-H-B, 2AB-541-H-B, 2AN-572-H-B, 2AB-551-H-B
        Black / Standard 2RB-517-T-B, 2AB-521B-T-B, 2RN-511-S1-T-B, 2AN-531-T-B, 2AB-511B-T-B, 2RN-521-T-B, 2AN-551-T-B, 2AN-571-T-B, 2AN-521-T-B, 2RN-511-T-B, 2RN-512-T-B, 2AB-531-T-B, 2RB-514-T-B, 2RB-516-T-B, 2AN-532-T-B, 2RN-531-T-B, 2AB-541-T-B, 2AN-572-T-B, 2AB-551-T-B
        Gold / Shorty 2RB-517-H-G, 2AB-511B-H-G, 2RN-521-H-G, 2AN-551-H-G, 2AN-571-H-G, 2AN-521-H-G, 2RN-511-H-G, 2RN-512-H-G, 2AB-531-H-G, 2RB-514-H-G, 2RB-516-H-G, 2RN-531-H-G, 2AB-521B-H-G, 2AB-541-H-G, 2AN-532-H-G, 2AB-551-H-G
        Gold / Standard 2RB-517-T-G, 2AB-511B-T-G, 2RN-521-T-G, 2AN-551-T-G, 2AN-521-T-G, 2RN-511-T-G, 2RN-512-T-G, 2AB-531-T-G, 2RB-516-T-G, 2AB-521B-T-G, 2AB-551-T-G
        Red / Shorty 2RB-517-H-R, 2RN-511-S1-H-R, 2AB-511B-H-R, 2RN-521-H-R, 2AN-541-H-R, 2AN-551-H-R, 2AN-571-H-R, 2AN-521-H-R, 2RN-511-H-R, 2RN-512-H-R, 2AB-531-H-R, 2RB-514-H-R, 2RB-516-H-R, 2AN-532-H-R, 2RN-531-H-R, 2AB-521B-H-R, 2AB-541-H-R, 2AN-572-H-R
        Red / Standard 2RB-517-T-R, 2AB-521B-T-R, 2RN-511-S1-T-R, 2RN-521-T-R, 2AN-541-T-R, 2AN-551-T-R, 2AN-571-T-R, 2AN-521-T-R, 2RN-511-T-R, 2RN-512-T-R, 2RB-516-T-R, 2AN-532-T-R, 2AB-541-T-R, 2AN-572-T-R, 2AB-551-T-R
        Clutch Lever
        Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        Black / Shorty 2AN-661-H-B, 2AN-683-H-B, 2AN-681-H-B, 2RM-611-H-B, 2AN-612-H-B, 2AN-614-H-B, 2AN-643-H-B, 2AN-611-H-B, 2AN-613-H-B, 2AN-622-H-B, 2AN-641-H-B, 2RB-522-H-B, 2AN-631-H-B, 2AB-521C-H-B, 2AN-671-H-B, 2AN-621-H-B, 2AB-611-H-B, 2AB-511C-H-B, 2AN-651-H-B, 2AN-642-H-B, 2AD-611-H-B, 2AN-662-H-B, 2AN-632-H-B, 2AD-621-H-B, 2AN-672-H-B, 2AD-631-H-B, 2AN-615-H-B
        Black / Standard 2AN-642-T-B, 2AN-661-T-B, 2AN-683-T-B, 2AN-681-T-B, 2RM-611-T-B, 2AN-612-T-B, 2AN-614-T-B, 2AN-643-T-B, 2AN-611-T-B, 2AN-613-T-B, 2AN-622-T-B, 2AN-641-T-B, 2RB-522-T-B, 2AN-631-T-B, 2AB-521C-T-B, 2AN-671-T-B, 2AN-621-T-B, 2AB-611-T-B, 2AB-511C-T-B, 2AN-651-T-B, 2AD-611-T-B, 2AN-662-T-B, 2AN-632-T-B, 2AD-621-T-B, 2AN-672-T-B, 2AD-631-T-B, 2AN-615-T-B
        Gold / Shorty 2AN-681-H-G, 2AN-612-H-G, 2AN-614-H-G, 2AN-643-H-G, 2AN-641-H-G, 2RB-522-H-G, 2AN-631-H-G, 2AN-642-H-G, 2AN-662-H-G, 2AD-621-H-G, 2AN-632-H-G, 2AN-615-H-G
        Gold / Standard 2AN-642-T-G, 2AN-681-T-G, 2AN-612-T-G, 2AN-641-T-G, 2RB-522-T-G, 2AN-631-T-G, 2AB-521C-T-G, 2AD-611-T-G, 2AN-632-T-G, 2AD-631-T-G, 2AN-615-T-G
        Red / Shorty 2AN-661-H-R, 2AN-683-H-R, 2AN-681-H-R, 2AN-612-H-R, 2AN-614-H-R, 2AN-643-H-R, 2AN-611-H-R, 2AN-613-H-R, 2AN-622-H-R, 2AN-641-H-R, 2RB-522-H-R, 2AN-631-H-R, 2AB-521C-H-R, 2AN-671-H-R, 2AB-611-H-R, 2AN-651-H-R, 2AN-642-H-R, 2AD-611-H-R, 2AN-662-H-R, 2AN-632-H-R, 2AD-621-H-R, 2AN-672-H-R, 2AD-631-H-R, 2AN-615-H-R
        Red / Standard 2AN-642-T-R, 2AN-661-T-R, 2AN-681-T-R, 2AN-612-T-R, 2AN-614-T-R, 2AN-643-T-R, 2AN-611-T-R, 2AN-622-T-R, 2AN-641-T-R, 2RB-522-T-R, 2AN-631-T-R, 2AB-521C-T-R, 2AN-651-T-R, 2AN-632-T-R, 2AN-672-T-R, 2AD-631-T-R