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Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust
Competition Werkes GP Slip-On Exhaust

$177.77 - $2799.95

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      • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        Black Center WHV401-BC, WA1006-BC, WDDVL-BC, WDMON3-BC, WDMON4-BC, WDSCR3-BC, WDSCR4-BC, WDSCR-BC, WHV402-BC, WK1005-BC, WK1006-BC, WK608-BC, WK609-BC, WK904-BC, WKT1291-BC, WKT1292-BC, WKT392-BC, WKT690S-BC, WKT790-BC, WS1007-BC, WS651-BC, WS758-BC, WS759-BC, WT1050-BC, WT1051-BC, WT765-BC, WY300-BC, WY605-BC, WDSS2-BC, WT2500-BC, WB1201-BC, WHV701-BC, WT660-BC
        Black Center/Canister Only WB1200-BC
        Black Center/Cutting Required WS1002-BC, WY900-BC
        Black Center/Dual WD1098-BC, WDMON2-BC, WH608-BC
        Black Center/Dual/Race WDPV4R-BC
        Black Center/High Mount/Cat Delete WKT391H-BC
        Black Center/Includes Servo Eliminator WT1200-BC
        Black Center/Low Mount WK606-BC
        Black Center/Low Mount/Cat Retained WKT391L-BC
        Black Center/Lower Canister Delete WY1010-BC, WY1011-BC
        Black Center/Race WA1005R-BC, WK1005R-BC, WK609R-BC, WY1010R-BC, WY610R-BC, WA1006R-BC, WK1006R-BC, WS1006R-BC, WY300R-BC
        Carbon Fiber WA1006-CF, WDDVL-CF, WDMON3-CF, WDMON4-CF, WDSS2-CF
        Full Black WHV401-BV, WA1006-BV, WDDVL-BV, WDMON3-BV, WDMON4-BV, WDSCR3-BV, WDSCR4-BV, WDSCR-BV, WHV402-BV, WK1005-BV, WK1006-BV, WK400-BV, WK608-BV, WK609-BV, WK904-BV, WKT1291-BV, WKT1292-BV, WKT392-BV, WKT690S-BV, WKT790-BV, WS1007-BV, WS651-BV, WS758-BV, WS759-BV, WT1050-BV, WT1051-BV, WT765-BV, WY300-BV, WY605-BV, WDSS2-BV, WT2500-BV, WB1201-BV, WHV701-BV, WT660-BV
        Full Black/Baffled WY610B-BV
        Full Black/Canister Only WB1200-BV
        Full Black/Cutting Required WS1002-BV, WY900-BV
        Full Black/Dual WD1098-BV, WDMON2-BV, WH608-BV
        Full Black/High Mount/Cat Delete WKT391H-BV
        Full Black/Includes Servo Eliminator WT1200-BV
        Full Black/Low Mount WK606-BV
        Full Black/Low Mount/Cat Retained WKT391L-BV
        Full Black/Lower Canister Delete WY1010-BV, WY1011-BV
        Full Black/No Baffle WY607S-BV, WY610-BV
        Full Black/Race WS1006R-BV, WY300R-BV
        Stainless WA1004-S, WA1005-S, WB1000-S, WB1001-S, WB1200-S, WDDVL-S, WDHYP2M-S, WDHYP2S-S, WDMON3-S, WDMON4-S, WDSCR-S, WDSS-S, WH1003-S, WH1200-S, WH250-S, WH300-S, WH607-S, WH608-S, WK1002-S, WK1003-S, WK1005-S, WK300-S, WK608-S, WK609-S, WK650-S, WK800-S, WKT1290-S, WKT390-S, WKT690S-S, WMV800A-S, WS1005-S, WS1007-S, WS651-S, WS758-S, WT1048-S, WT1049-S, WT1050-S, WT1051-S, WT676-S, WT678-S, WT679-S, WY300-S, WY605-S, WHV401-S, WA1006-S, WDSCR3-S, WDSCR4-S, WHV402-S, WK1006-S, WK400-S, WK904-S, WKT1291-S, WKT1292-S, WKT392-S, WKT790-S, WS759-S, WT765-S, WDSS2-S, WT2500-S, WB1201-S, WHV701-S, WT660-S
        Stainless/Baffled WY610B-S
        Stainless/Cutting Required WS1002-S, WY900-S
        Stainless/Dual WD1098-S, WD1199-S, WD1299-S, WDMON2-S, WT675-S
        Stainless/Includes Servo Eliminator WT1200-S
        Stainless/Low Mount WK606-S
        Stainless/Lower Canister Delete WY1010-S, WY1011-S
        Stainless/No Baffle WS757-S, WY607S-S, WY610-S
        Stainless/Race WK1001R-S, WS1006R-S, WY300R-S