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Braking W-FLO Oversized Brake Rotor Kit - Rear
Braking W-FLO Oversized Brake Rotor Kit - Rear

$152.99 - $189.99
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Item #BKG0002

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3 Questions

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Question asked by Ecw25

User's contributor status: Verified Purchaser
Question: Why is it showing 2 part numbers at different prices for my bike? 2017 sxf450
Question asked 1 year 3 months ago
Question answered by robert
User's contributor status: Top 10
Question answered 1 year 3 months ago
Answer: We will update the website, their should be one kit.

Question asked by Tyler99

Question: What is the correct brake caliper to use in this situation
Question asked 2 years 9 months ago
Question answered by BillyEXT3407
User's contributor status: Top 25
Question answered 2 years 9 months ago
Answer: I would recommend you use the OEM caliper. All you will need to installed this rotor would be sold with this Galfer Kit. The kit will include brake pads, caliper relocating brake, and rotor.

Question asked by winslow

Question: I have installed a left hand rear brake lever on my ktm, will this give me more braking power?
Question asked Over 6 years ago
To lockup my wheel I have to use my whole hand and pull hard. I would like to be able to use one or two fingers to get the job done. Will this oversized rotor work for me? Do you have a better idea or do you think this will work for me?
Question answered by MotoSportExpert
User's contributor status: MotoSport Staff
Question answered Over 6 years ago
Answer: The over size braking rotors do provide some additional braking force as the rotor doesn't spin as fast as it is passing though the brake caliper due to its extra diameter. This allows the brakes to slow down the wheel easier. Depending what master cylinder you used also will have an effect on the braking power, a master cylinder with a large piston could also apply more pressure with less force from you.
Question answered by Sturgie
User's contributor status:
Question answered Over 6 years ago
Answer: I have this rotor kit on my '12 300XC. I too, have the Rekluse rear handbrake, but i also remove the brake pedal as well, so stopping power is very important to me. I also use motomaster brand "racing" pads. They are a soft material and seem to provide the most friction. They don't last as long as some others, but they offer strong handbrake power.


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