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Kenda ATV tires

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Michelin S12 XC Rear Tire Michelin S12 XC Rear Tire Chuck - Southern Wv Greatly disappointed "Might be OK in plowed ground or on a well groomed mx track, but I find it a poor excuse for a dirt bike tire. It sent me every where but straight. Put 4hrs on it. Already chunking. I took it off and put my old tire back on. Oh yeah. I got it in a 120. It looked really small next to the Bridgestone 404 I had taken off. Well that’s all I have to say about that."
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Goldentyre GT216AA "Fatty" Front Tire Goldentyre GT216AA "Fatty" Front Tire AzMotoxer188 - Scottsdale Tire really hooks up in the AZ Desert "I have this tire mounted with a Tubliss system. Hooks up great in the intermediate hardpack terrain in AZ. Does really well in rocks as well."
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