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ASV F4 Series Brake Lever
ASV F4 Series Brake Lever

$55.77 - $100.00

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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / Shorty BDF4A1-SK, BDF416-SK
    Black / Standard BDF412-K, BDF407-K, BDF401-K, BDF413-K, BDF415-K, BDF402-K, BDF403-K, BDF404-K, BDF405-K, BDF409-K, BDF419-K, BDF423-K, BDF427-K, BDF406-K, BDF4A1-K, BDF416-K, BDF414-K
    Blue / Shorty BDF4A1-SB, BDF416-SB
    Blue / Standard BDF412-B, BDF407-B, BDF401-B, BDF413-B, BDF415-B, BDF402-B, BDF403-B, BDF404-B, BDF405-B, BDF409-B, BDF423-B, BDF427-B, BDF406-B, BDF4A1-B, BDF416-B
    Orange / Standard BDF407-O, BDF403-O, BDF423-O, BDF427-O
    Red / Shorty BDF4A1-SR, BDF416-SR
    Red / Standard BDF412-R, BDF407-R, BDF401-R, BDF413-R, BDF415-R, BDF402-R, BDF403-R, BDF404-R, BDF405-R, BDF409-R, BDF423-R, BDF427-R, BDF406-R, BDF4A1-R, BDF416-R