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ASV F3 Series Forged Brake And Clutch Lever Kit
ASV F3 Series Forged Brake And Clutch Lever Kit


Select your bike to see if this brake & clutch lever set fits


  • Description

  • Brake Lever
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / Short BRF355-SK, BRF310-SK, BRF314-SK, BRF352-SK, BRF311-SK, BRF341-SK, BRF312-SK, BRF330-SK, BRF350-SK, BRF320-SK, BRF370-SK, BRF324-SK
    Black / Standard BRF310-K, BRF314-K, BRF352-K, BRF311-K, BRF341-K, BRF330-K, BRF350-K, BRF320-K, BRF370-K, BRF324-K
    Blue / Short BRF310-SB, BRF311-SB, BRF312-SB, BRF314-SB, BRF320-SB, BRF330-SB, BRF341-SB, BRF350-SB, BRF352-SB, BRF355-SB, BRF324-SB, BRF370-SB
    Blue / Standard BRF310-B, BRF311-B, BRF312-B, BRF314-B, BRF320-B, BRF330-B, BRF341-B, BRF350-B, BRF352-B, BRF355-B, BRF324-B, BRF370-B
    Gold / Short BRF355-SG, BRF310-SG, BRF314-SG, BRF352-SG, BRF311-SG, BRF341-SG, BRF312-SG, BRF330-SG, BRF350-SG, BRF320-SG, BRF370-SG, BRF324-SG
    Gold / Standard BRF355-G, BRF310-G, BRF314-G, BRF352-G, BRF311-G, BRF341-G, BRF312-G, BRF330-G, BRF350-G, BRF320-G, BRF370-G, BRF324-G
    Red / Short BRF310-SR, BRF311-SR, BRF312-SR, BRF314-SR, BRF320-SR, BRF330-SR, BRF341-SR, BRF350-SR, BRF352-SR, BRF355-SR, BRF324-SR, BRF370-SR
    Red / Standard BRF310-R, BRF311-R, BRF312-R, BRF314-R, BRF320-R, BRF330-R, BRF341-R, BRF350-R, BRF352-R, BRF355-R, BRF324-R, BRF370-R
    Clutch Lever
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / Short CRF323-SK, CRF352-SK, CRF355-SK, CRF310-SK, CRF314-SK, CRF311-SK, CRF350-SK, CRF330-SK, CRF341-SK, CRF345-SK, CRF340-SK, CRF370-SK, CRF344-SK, CRF342-SK, CRF324-SK
    Black / Standard CRF323-K, CRF352-K, CRF310-K, CRF314-K, CRF311-K, CRF350-K, CRF330-K, CRF341-K, CRF345-K, CRF340-K, CRF370-K, CRF344-K, CRF342-K, CRF324-K
    Blue / Short CRF310-SB, CRF311-SB, CRF314-SB, CRF323-SB, CRF330-SB, CRF340-SB, CRF341-SB, CRF342-SB, CRF344-SB, CRF345-SB, CRF350-SB, CRF352-SB, CRF355-SB, CRF324-SB, CRF370-SB
    Blue / Standard CRF310-B, CRF311-B, CRF314-B, CRF323-B, CRF330-B, CRF340-B, CRF341-B, CRF342-B, CRF344-B, CRF345-B, CRF350-B, CRF352-B, CRF355-B, CRF324-B, CRF370-B
    Gold / Short CRF323-SG, CRF352-SG, CRF355-SG, CRF314-SG, CRF311-SG, CRF350-SG, CRF330-SG, CRF341-SG, CRF345-SG, CRF340-SG, CRF370-SG, CRF344-SG, CRF342-SG, CRF324-SG
    Gold / Standard CRF323-G, CRF352-G, CRF355-G, CRF310-G, CRF314-G, CRF311-G, CRF350-G, CRF330-G, CRF341-G, CRF345-G, CRF340-G, CRF370-G, CRF344-G, CRF342-G, CRF324-G
    Red / Short CRF310-SR, CRF311-SR, CRF314-SR, CRF323-SR, CRF330-SR, CRF340-SR, CRF341-SR, CRF342-SR, CRF344-SR, CRF345-SR, CRF350-SR, CRF352-SR, CRF355-SR, CRF324-SR, CRF370-SR
    Red / Standard CRF310-R, CRF311-R, CRF314-R, CRF323-R, CRF330-R, CRF340-R, CRF341-R, CRF342-R, CRF344-R, CRF345-R, CRF350-R, CRF352-R, CRF355-R, CRF324-R, CRF370-R