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ASV C5 Series CNC Machined Brake And Clutch Lever Kit
ASV C5 Series CNC Machined Brake And Clutch Lever Kit

$239.77 - $320.00
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      • Product Details

      • Brake Lever
        Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        Black / Short BRC510-SK, BRC511-SK, BRC514-SK, BRC520-SK, BRC550-SK, BRC530-SK, BRC541-SK, BRC555-SK, BRC552-SK, BRC512-SK, BRC570-SK, BRC524-SK, BRC553-SK, BRC521-SK
        Black / Standard BRC510-K, BRC511-K, BRC514-K, BRC520-K, BRC530-K, BRC541-K, BRC550-K, BRC555-K, BRC552-K, BRC512-K, BRC570-K, BRC524-K, BRC553-K, BRC521-K
        Black Bicolore / Short BRC511-SKBC, BRC512-SKBC, BRC514-SKBC, BRC520-SKBC, BRC541-SKBC, BRC550-SKBC, BRC570-SKBC
        Black Bicolore / Standard BRC511-KBC, BRC512-KBC, BRC514-KBC, BRC520-KBC, BRC541-KBC, BRC550-KBC
        Gold / Short BRC510-SG, BRC511-SG, BRC520-SG, BRC550-SG, BRC530-SG, BRC541-SG, BRC514-SG, BRC555-SG, BRC552-SG, BRC512-SG, BRC570-SG, BRC524-SG, BRC553-SG, BRC521-SG
        Gold / Standard BRC510-G, BRC511-G, BRC514-G, BRC520-G, BRC530-G, BRC541-G, BRC550-G, BRC555-G, BRC552-G, BRC512-G, BRC570-G, BRC524-G, BRC553-G, BRC521-G
        Gold Bicolore / Short BRC511-SGBC, BRC520-SGBC, BRC541-SGBC, BRC550-SGBC
        Gold Bicolore / Standard BRC511-GBC, BRC550-GBC
        Grey / Short BRC511-SGY, BRC520-SGY, BRC550-SGY, BRC553-SGY
        Grey / Standard BRC511-GY, BRC520-GY, BRC550-GY, BRC553-GY
        Grey Bicolore / Short BRC511-SGYBC, BRC520-SGYBC
        Grey Bicolore / Standard BRC511-GYBC, BRC520-GYBC, BRC530-GYBC, BRC550-GYBC
        Silver / Short BRC510-SS, BRC511-SS, BRC512-SS, BRC514-SS, BRC520-SS, BRC530-SS, BRC541-SS, BRC550-SS, BRC552-SS, BRC555-SS, BRC524-SS, BRC570-SS, BRC521-SS
        Silver / Standard BRC510-S, BRC511-S, BRC512-S, BRC514-S, BRC520-S, BRC530-S, BRC541-S, BRC550-S, BRC552-S, BRC555-S, BRC524-S, BRC570-S, BRC521-S
        Clutch Lever
        Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        Black / Short CRC510-SK, CRC511-SK, CRC530-SK, CRC540-SK, CRC541-SK, CRC545-SK, CRC523-SK, CRC552-SK, CRC514-SK, CRC550-SK, CRC555-SK, CRC544-SK, CRC542-SK, CRC524-SK
        Black / Short - MPN CRC570-S CRC570-SK
        Black / Short - MPN CRC571-S CRC571-SK
        Black / Standard CRC510-K, CRC511-K, CRC530-K, CRC540-K, CRC541-K, CRC545-K, CRC523-K, CRC552-K, CRC555-K, CRC514-K, CRC550-K, CRC544-K, CRC542-K, CRC524-K
        Black / Standard - MPN CRC570 CRC570-K
        Black / Standard - MPN CRC571 CRC571-K
        Black Bicolore / Short CRC530-SKBC, CRC540-SKBC, CRC541-SKBC, CRC545-SKBC, CRC550-SKBC
        Black Bicolore / Short - MPN CRC570-S CRC570-SKBC
        Black Bicolore / Short - MPN CRC571-S CRC571-SKBC
        Black Bicolore / Standard CRC510-KBC, CRC540-KBC, CRC541-KBC, CRC544-KBC, CRC545-KBC, CRC550-KBC, CRC571-KBC
        Gold / Short CRC510-SG, CRC530-SG, CRC540-SG, CRC541-SG, CRC545-SG, CRC523-SG, CRC552-SG, CRC514-SG, CRC550-SG, CRC555-SG, CRC511-SG, CRC570-SG, CRC544-SG, CRC542-SG, CRC524-SG
        Gold / Standard CRC510-G, CRC511-G, CRC530-G, CRC540-G, CRC541-G, CRC523-G, CRC552-G, CRC555-G, CRC514-G, CRC550-G, CRC545-G, CRC544-G, CRC542-G, CRC524-G
        Gold / Standard - MPN CRC570 CRC570-G
        Gold / Standard - MPN CRC571 CRC571-G
        Gold Bicolore / Short CRC540-SGBC, CRC541-SGBC
        Gold Bicolore / Standard CRC540-GBC, CRC550-GBC, CRC571-GBC
        Grey / Short CRC540-SGY
        Grey / Standard CRC540-GY
        Grey Bicolore / Short CRC540-SGYBC, CRC541-SGYBC, CRC550-SGYBC
        Grey Bicolore / Standard CRC530-GYBC, CRC540-GYBC, CRC541-GYBC, CRC542-GYBC, CRC545-GYBC, CRC570-GYBC
        Silver / Short CRC510-SS, CRC511-SS, CRC514-SS, CRC523-SS, CRC530-SS, CRC540-SS, CRC541-SS, CRC542-SS, CRC544-SS, CRC545-SS, CRC550-SS, CRC552-SS, CRC555-SS, CRC524-SS, CRC570-SS
        Silver / Standard CRC510-S, CRC511-S, CRC514-S, CRC523-S, CRC530-S, CRC540-S, CRC541-S, CRC542-S, CRC544-S, CRC545-S, CRC550-S, CRC552-S, CRC555-S, CRC524-S, CRC570-S