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Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red
Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red


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39 Reviews
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Drunkel Verified Purchaser
29 days ago Discovery Bay, CA
Comfort5/5Durability5/5FitTrue to Size

Great fit and feel right out of the box. Buckles are easy to get used too. Toe to shifter feel is good.

Steve2406 Verified Purchaser
1 month 28 days ago Oregon
Comfort5/5FitRuns Slightly Large
Comfortable right of the box

I've only worn them once so far for about 7 hours. Nice comfortable boots didnt need to brake them in and they're easy to walk around in. I have wide feet and had no problem with my feet the whole day. So far they're great.

Yourmumsamilfy9 Verified Purchaser
2 months 17 days ago Rebersburg pa
Comfort1/5Durability3/5FitRuns Small
Nice boot but bad fit

Love look of boots toe box fairly narrower then I would like also uncomfortable around ankles trying to get used to them but most likely wasted my money and will need to buy another boot also to thick in front to comfortably shift even after re adjusting controls

KTMfan Verified Purchaser
Over 6 months ago
Comfort5/5Durability5/5Performance5/5Sizing - true to size?5/5Style5/5
Alppinestars tech 7 boot

comfortable fit with no breakin, impressive boot right out of the box, should have many years use.....very good boot!!!

Over 7 months ago West Tennessee
Comfort5/5Durability5/5Performance5/5Sizing - true to size?5/5Style5/5
Perfect woods riding boots

Perfect boots for the riding we do. We ride woods with a lot of logs, roots, ruts, and rocks. Usual Alpinestar comfort. Fit was exact to size. Ready to go out of the box. The extra lugs near the toe come in handy while walking chopping trail and if you find yourself having to give the bike a bit of a push. Well designed Enduro Boots.

KB21 Verified Purchaser
Over 8 months ago Kauai,HI
Comfort5/5Durability5/5Performance5/5Sizing - true to size?5/5Style5/5
Awesome Boots!

Very happy that I bought the Alpinestars tech 7 enduro boots super comfortable the soles have good grip for off the bike and provide really good protection. My shoe size is 10.5-11 and the size 11 fit perfect.

1 year 3 months ago Dahlonega, GA
Comfort5/5Durability1/5Performance3/5Sizing - true to size?5/5Style5/5
Comfortable But Soles Wear Out Fast From Kickstart

These are really comfortable boots and the buckles are really nice too. However, they are not worth the money because the sole on my right boot is already missing a chunk out of it from kick starting my bike and I have a hole in the plastic right above the sole. The left sole is showing signs of wear as well. I have only had the boots a year and only ride 2 to 3 times a month. After these completly wear out I will go back to the $115 O'Neal Element boots.

1 year 5 months ago Forest Grove, Oregon
Comfort5/5Durability5/5Performance4/5Sizing - true to size?5/5Style5/5
Very comfortable boots

I went from 90 dollar fly boots to these and wow what a difference. These were super comfortable right out of the box. I feel a lot safer in them as well. I wish they were more water proof, but no real complaints

class41C Verified Purchaser
1 year 5 months ago Boise, Id.
Comfort4/5Durability5/5Performance3/5Sizing - true to size?5/5Style5/5
Good Boot

This has been a great boot, no break in period, came ready to ride with lots of mobility. The only draw back I have found with these boots after several months of riding is that your feet are going to get wet if there is any water on the trail. Even hitting puddles you will find yourself having to try and dry out your boots and ring out your socks. Other than this they have been great, I hear the Sidis are better at keep ing your feet dry.

Dirtbikewife Verified Purchaser
1 year 5 months ago Louisiana
Comfort5/5Durability5/5Performance5/5Sizing - true to size?5/5Style5/5
Love them.

Very comfortable

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6 Questions
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Not Yet:   0
Q: The soles
2 years 6 months ago
Are the soles on these that much different then the reagular ones (non enduro)? I only ride woods and I want something with better walking/push traction. Thanks
Top 25
2 years 6 months ago
A: The soles on the enduro boots will be a softer compound and have more of an aggressive design. They are specifically meant to help get traction out in the elements.
Q: Will my shin/knee guards fit with this book?
Over 3 years ago
I have shin/knee guard combination which I'm able to tuck into my boots at the moment. Will these allow that?
Top 100
Over 3 years ago
A: As long as you don't have tree stump calves it will be fine. I'm 6'1 230lbs and I wear leatt 3DF knee/shin gaurds that go into the boot and they work perfect with these boots and are still very comfortable. So as long as you don't have huge monster calves you'll be fine with your knee/shin gaurds.
Q: Wide foot fit?
Over 4 years ago
I wear a 12 wide shoe, how's the fit in the toe box area on these?
Expert MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago
A: The Alpinestars Tech-7 runs fairly true to size and has a good size toe box area. Also see the reviews for customer feed back on fit for the Tech-7.
Q: Protection
Over 4 years ago
I have a pair of tech 3 Enduro boots. Would the tech 7 enduro offer more protection than the tech 3 enduro? What about comfort how do they compair?
Top 10
Over 4 years ago
A: Both boots will offer protection. The tech 7 has the new buckles and much more padding then the Tech 3 boots. Also with the increased flex zones, it should be more comfortable and natural feeling.
Q: What is the diff. between the tech 7 and the tech 7 enduro boots?
Over 4 years ago
tech7 mx
tech7 enduro
Top 10
Over 4 years ago
A: The sole is the difference. The enduro sole is more like a mountain boot sole.
Q: Just bought these boots and love the fit. Do they make a metal toe cap to fit the enduro model?
Over 4 years ago
Top 10
Over 4 years ago
A: No. Alpinestars does make replacement soles for all their model of Boots.
# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Black / 7 2012114-10-7
Black / 8 2012114-10-8
Black / 9 2012114-10-9
Black / 10 2012114-10-10
Black / 11 2012114-10-11
Black / 12 2012114-10-12
Black / 13 2012114-10-13
Black / 14 2012114-10-14
White / 7 2012114-20-07
White / 8 2012114-20-8
White / 9 2012114-20-9
White / 13 2012114-20-13
White / 14 2012114-20-14
White/Orange / 7 2012114-24-7
White/Orange / 9 2012114-24-9
White/Orange / 10 2012114-24-10
White/Orange / 11 2012114-24-11
White/Orange / 14 2012114-24-14
Black/White/Flo Yellow / 7 2012114-125-7
Black/White/Flo Yellow / 8 2012114-125-8
Black/White/Flo Yellow / 9 2012114-125-9
Black/White/Flo Yellow / 10 2012114-125-10
Black/White/Flo Yellow / 11 2012114-125-11
Black/White/Flo Yellow / 12 2012114-125-12
Black/White/Flo Yellow / 13 2012114-125-13
Black/White/Flo Yellow / 14 2012114-125-14
Black/Orange/Blue/White / 7 2012114-1427-7
Black/Orange/Blue/White / 8 2012114-1427-8
Black/Orange/Blue/White / 9 2012114-1427-9
Black/Orange/Blue/White / 10 2012114-1427-10
Black/Orange/Blue/White / 11 2012114-1427-11
Black/Orange/Blue/White / 12 2012114-1427-12
Black/Orange/Blue/White / 13 2012114-1427-13
Black/Orange/Blue/White / 14 2012114-1427-14
Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red / 7 2012114-1133-7
Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red / 8 2012114-1133-8
Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red / 9 2012114-1133-9
Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red / 10 2012114-1133-10
Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red / 11 2012114-1133-11
Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red / 12 2012114-1133-12
Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red / 13 2012114-1133-13
Black/Dark Grey/Flo Red / 14 2012114-1133-14
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