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Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust
Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust

$287.06 - $2690.96
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Item #AKR000D

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Brandon Verified Purchaser
3 months 21 days ago
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5
Excellent fit

Went together great, looks great. Be careful with the exhaust seals and you'll be happy with it. One of the best exhaust you can buy imo.

DemDem9 Verified Purchaser
Over 7 months ago California, Murrieta
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5
Great Exhaust

Great Exhaust sound looks and feel of the bike. I wasn’t sure what to get. I talked to people I see that has the same bike 2017 Aprilia RSV4 and watch YouTube video get the best sound. I was looking for something that’s Not too loud.

TravisBickle Verified Purchaser
1 year 4 months ago Austin TX
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5
Great slipon for ninja 400

Really light, well made, and sounds great. I leave the damper in though my mechanic is disgusted by this desicion. Keeps level below annoying and has satisfying growl and a little more power. Swinging around that huge steal factory muffler was like carrying a bag of potatoes on the end of a stick everywhere. Heavy awkward and ugly. This things the opposite.

Woody Verified Purchaser
1 year 5 months ago So Cal
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power4/5Style5/5
Awesome product

Excellent performance increase, much lighter than stock/oem muffler, sound note increase for safety

2 years 8 months ago Thailand
Durability5/5Ease of Installation5/5Performance5/5Power5/5Style5/5
Nice pipe

Although not that noticeable in the sound the performance is. Literally only took me 20 min to fit and easy.

Over 7 years ago Centreville, Va.
Best Exhaust Ever

If you want serious power for your bike spend the money and get this one. With my Bazzaz fuel control and this Exhaust on my 09 zx10r, I put down enough HP to beat out 2005-06 Hyabusa's on the Dyno shootout. Installation was simple. The Cat delete had some issues with fitment but other than that it was easy.
Sound is very Deep and Throaty, People know you are coming but it doesnt give you a headache during long trips.
My Tip save your money and go with the best.

Over 11 years ago KANSAS CITY, MO


Over 11 years ago Russellville, Al
Awesome sounding slip on

I have fell in love with this slip on. The sound is very deep, and not real loud until you open it up a little bit. The fit was great, it actually seemed to fit better than my stock pipe.

Over 11 years ago Tulare, Ca
Great Product

Fast and easy install. Sounds great

Over 11 years ago wisconsin

not as loud as i would have liked out of the box, but i will wait for it to burn-in easy install if you can figure-out the stock cable-valve-system LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVED 8 POUNDS OVER THE STOCK TITANIUM PIPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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28 Questions
Answered:   24
Not Yet:   4
Q: I just purchased a 2019 zx10r and was wondering if the exhaust comes with thecarbon fiber bracket that mounts up to the exhaust and bolts up to where the oemmuffler bolts up to?
3 months 29 days ago
Top 1
3 months 29 days ago
A: According to the stock photo on the manufacture's page, yes, it will come with said items.

Q: Hi... Will this fit 2019 - CBR 650R...???
4 months 1 day ago
Top 1
4 months 1 day ago
A: No. Enter the year, make, and model of your machine into our website to ensure proper fitment.
Q: What is this parts OD and ID (inner and outer diameter) at the base of the exhaust where the collector meets
4 months 4 days ago
Trevor Gearhead
Top 10
4 months 4 days ago
A: Measurements vary by fitment. We would need the year, make and model of the machine your putting it on to verify specifications.
Q: Will this fit on a 1995 triumph triple? New to triumphs and can’t find much different between the trident and speed triple 
Over 5 months ago
Top 10
Over 5 months ago
A: This will not fit a 1995 model. It is only produced for the newer 2018 Triumph Street Triple.
biker mike
Q: I have oem side cases on my 2014 honda interceptor. Is this exhaust compatible with my side cases?
Over 9 months ago
Top 10
Over 9 months ago
A: The Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust will be located in the same area as the original Honda muffler on the 2014 Honda VFR800F Interceptor.
Top 10
Over 9 months ago
A: The Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust is to be mounted in the same location as your original Honda muffler on the 2014 VFR800 Interceptor.
Q: Will this just slip right onto a stock system2015 gsxr600 
Over 11 months ago
Top 1
Over 11 months ago
A: Yes. This will mount up to your OEM header with no issue.
Q: Hi, Could you bring me the part number of the BMW Homologated / Black Titanium Thank You
Over 11 months ago
Top 1
Over 11 months ago
A: Please give us a call with your full MAKE/MODEL/YEAR so that we can see if there is something available for you out there.
Q: Hi I have a Bmw Nine t Pure 2017, 1- I wonder if the exhaust fits in the stock frame (the photo has a custom hook) 2- Is it homologated by BMW and 3- Is it necesary to add an extra pipe (small one) to fit in the exaust header installed, Thank you
Over 11 months ago
Top 10
Over 11 months ago
A: Yes this will fit you bike and be a homologated for racing. This will include everything needed for instillation.
Q: Hi ,  I just bought the new ninja 300 and 2019 model that was launched in sept ... will it fit and work properly on it.
1 year ago
Top 10
1 year ago
A: This is not released for a 2019 ninja 300 but we are constantly updating the website when parts become available.
Q: Do you have an slip-on for a 2015 Honda CBR650f?
1 year 1 month ago
Top 1
1 year 1 month ago
A: No. This brand/model of slip-on is not available for your bike.
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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Carbon Fiber S-A10SO6-ZC
Carbon Fiber S-D10SO3-ZC
Carbon Fiber S-H25SO1-ZC
Carbon Fiber S-H10SO6T-TC
Carbon Fiber S-K2SO5-ZC
Titanium S-K2SO5-ZT
Carbon Fiber S-Y10SO9-ZC
Titanium S-Y10SO9-ZT
Homologated/Titanium S-T800SO1-HZAAT
EURO3/Titanium S-K14SO4-HZAAT
Carbon Fiber S-S65SO3-RC
Carbon Fiber S-D10SO6-ZC
Homologated/Titanium S-B12SO2-HLTT
Homologated/Titanium S-B8SO4-HRT
Homologated/Titanium S-H6SO13-HACT
Homologated/Titanium S-H6SO16-HACT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-K3SO1-HZC
Homologated/Titanium S-K3SO1-HZT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-D10SO7-HZC
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-K10SO10-HZC
Homologated/Titanium S-K10SO10-HZT
EURO3/Titanium S-B12SO10-HAAT
EURO3/Titanium S-B12SO11-HLGT
EURO3/Carbon Fiber S-K10SO9-HZC
Titanium With Carbon Fiber End Cap S-Y6SO9-ASZ
Titanium S-D9SO4-T
Homologated/Titanium S-D8SO2-HRT
Carbon Fiber S-H3SO3-RC
Titanium S-H125SO2-CUBT
Titanium S-K10SO13-ZT
Homologated/Titanium S-Y10SO16-HAPT/1
Homologated/Titanium S-H10SO7T-HTT
Homologated/Titanium SS-K6SO4-HTT
Homologated/Titanium S-K10SO7T-HASZ
Homologated/Titanium SS-K6SO3-HNT
Homologated/Titanium S-T675SO3-HACT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-H10SO7T-HTC
Homologated/Stainless Steel S-H25SO1-HRSS
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-K10SO6-HZC
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-S6SO6-HZC
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-S6SO8-HZC
Homologated/Titanium S-A7SO2-HDT
Homologated/Titanium S-A7SO3-HDT
Homologated/Titanium S-B8SO2-HBLT
Homologated/Titanium S-B13SO2C-HAAT
Homologated/Titanium S-B13SO1-HLGT
Homologated/Titanium S-B12SO8-HLT
Homologated/Titanium S-Y12SO2-HAAT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-Y8SO1-HRC
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-S10SO8-HRC
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-T10SO1-HRC
Homologated/Titanium S-Y8SO1-HRT
Homologated/Titanium S-B12SO9-HRT
Homologated/Titanium S-Y13SO1-HT
Homologated/Titanium S-B10SO1-HASZ
Homologated/Titanium S-D12SO2-HXT
EURO3/Black Titanium S-B12SO10-HAABL
EURO3/Titanium S-B12SO14-HLGT
EURO3/Black Titanium S-B12SO13-HCZBL
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-B10SO2-HRC
EURO3/Black Titanium S-B10SO4-HZDFT
Homologated/Titanium S-D8SO1-HRT
Homologated/Black Titanium S-D8SO2-HRBL
Slash Cut/Homologated/Chrome S-HDDYSO3-HC
Homologated/Chrome S-HDSTSO4-HC
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-H125SO1-HAPC
Homologated/Titanium S-H8SO3-HRT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-K10SO15-HHX2C
EURO3/Titanium S-K10SO14-HZT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-Y10SO13-HHX2C
Carbon Fiber S-A10SO8-RC
Homologated/Titanium S-D12SO3-HRT
Hexagonal/Homologated/Titanium S-D12SO6-HAPT
Trapezoidal/Homologated/Titanium S-D12SO7-HHX2T
Homologated/Titanium S-D8SO3-HCUBTBL
Titanium S-D8SO4-CUBTBL
Titanium S-D9SO8-RT
Homologated/Titanium S-H12SO4-HZAAT
Homologated/Carbon S-H5SO3-HRC
Homologated/Stainless Steel S-H5SO3-HRSS
Homologated/ECE/Carbon S-H7SO2-HRC
Homologated/ECE/Titanium S-H7SO2-HRT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-K10SO16-HZC
Titanium S-K10SO17-ASZ
Homologated/Titanium S-K14SO5-HZAAT
Homologated/Titanium S-K14SO6-HZAAT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-K8SO2-HRC
Homologated/Titanium S-K8SO2-HRT
Homologated/Titanium S-S10SO11-HASZ
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-S7SO1-HRC
Homologated/Titanium S-S7SO1-HRT
Homologated/Titanium With Carbon Fiber End Cap S-Y10SO14-HHX2T
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-Y13SO3-HT
Stainless Steel S-Y2SO11-AHCSS
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-Y2SO12-HAPC
Homologated/Titanium With Carbon End Cap S-K9SO3-HZT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-K9SO3-HZC
Race/Titanium With Carbon End Cap S-K9SO4-ASZT
Homologated/Titanium S-Y10SO15-HAPT
Race/Titanium S-H10SO16-WT
Homologated/Black Titanium S-B12SO17-HBRBL
Homologated/Black Titanium With Carbon End Cap S-B8SO7-HZAABL
Homologated/Titanium With Carbon End Cap S-B16SO2-HZAAT
Homologated/Titanium S-B12SO16-HAAT
Homologated/Black Titanium S-B12SO16-HAABL
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-K10SO19-HZC
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-K10SO20-HZC
Homologated/Titanium S-K10SO20-HZT
Homologated/Black Titanium With Carbon Fiber End Cap S-B10SO7-HZDFT
Homologated/Black Titanium With Carbon Fiber End Cap S-B8SO6-HZAABL
Homologated/Titanium S-B12SO18-HLGT
Homologated/Titanium With Carbon Fiber End Cap S-B10SO6-HDVDZT
Homologated/Black Titanium With Carbon Fiber End Cap S-B10SO6-HDVDZBL
Homologated/Titanium S-K3SO2-HZT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-S6SO9-HRC
Homologated/Black Titanium With Carbon Fiber End Cap S-B12SO19-HLGBL
Carbon Fiber S-A10SO9-RC
Homologated/Titanium S-Y6SO12-HAPT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-S10SO12-HRC
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-S7SO2-HRC
Black Titanium / Requires Link Pipe Or Evolution Header S-D12SO8-RTBL
Carbon Fiber S-K10SO15-HX2C
Carbon Fiber S-K4SO6-APC
Titanium With Carbon Fiber Cap S-K6SO5-HACT
Black Titanium S-K9SO5-HBAVTBL
Homologated/Titanium S-S10SO14-HAFT
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-T7SO1-HAPC
Homologated/Carbon Fiber S-Y6SO7-HZC
Titanium S-K4SO5-HRT
Black Titanium With Carbon Fiber Cap S-B8SO8HFBFCTBL
Titanium S-D12SO9-HAPT
Homologated/ECE/Titanium With Carbon Fiber Cap S-H10SO20-HAPLT
Titanium With Carbon Fiber Cap S-H10SO21-ASZT
Black Titanium With Carbon Fiber Cap S-K10SO21HRAABL
Black Titanium With Carbon Fiber Cap S-T12SO1-HAFTBL
Titanium With Carbon Fiber Cap S-T8SO2-HZAAT
Titanium / Carbon Fiber S-B12SO23-HAAT
Black Titanium / Carbon Fiber S-B12SO23-HAATBL
Titanium S-D11SO4-HBFGT
Titanium S-H10SO22-HWT
Titanium / Carbon Fiber S-K10SO22-HWT
Carbon Fiber / Enlarged Outlet S-K6SO7-ZC
Carbon Fiber With Carbon Fiber Cap S-B10SO10-ZC
Titanium S-H125SO3-FFSS
Titanium With Carbon Fiber Cap S-A9SO1-HDT/1
Titanium With Carbon Fiber Cap S-B12SO21HALAGT
Black Titanium S-D8SO5-HCUBTBL
Carbon Fiber With Carbon Fiber Cap S-H3SO7-APC
Carbon Fiber With Carbon Fiber Cap S-T7SO2-APC
Carbon Fiber SB16SO3HRAATBL
Carbon Fiber S-H5SO4-HRC
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