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Roadracing World Action Fund

Matching Donation Campaign will match our customers $1 donations, dollar-for-dollar - up to $20,000 every year total for all of our charitable causes. Through the generosity of our customers and dollar-for-dollar match, has been able to give the Roadracing World Action Fund $6,476.00 to date!

The positive impact of the Roadracing World Action Fund/ relationship has propelled to find additional avenues of assisting and protecting motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts.

Check out the Roadracing World Action Fund crash gallery for more reasons why soft fences work!

Roadracing World Action Funds mission is to prevent race track injuries. To accomplish our mission, we will promote motorcycle racing safety and education.

Specifically, the Roadracing World Action Fund advocates and promotes the use of soft barriers to prevent racetrack injuries, and provides education on the value of adequate pre-race practice, rider training, and proper racetrack preparation. The Roadracing World Action Fund also addresses other health and safety education issues concerning motorcycle racing, such as tobacco advertising, the use of certified helmets and leathers, and setting rider safety as the top priority on race day.

Air Barriers in Action

Crash sequence - approaching the air fence Crash sequence - hitting the air fence Crash sequence - the rider gets up uninjured

The above is a sequence of J.J. Roetlin (#940) crashing into an air barrier-protected wall. Photos by John Marley / Cycle Scene Magazine.

Activities of Roadracing World Action

The Roadracing World Action Fund will conduct soft barrier demonstrations at various racetracks across the United States as part of an ongoing campaign of promoting safety, and to educate the public on motorcycle racing safety. The Roadracing World Action Fund will provide or arrange the use of soft barriers for such demonstrations. The Roadracing World Action Fund will also provide educational brochures on motorcycle safety at these events, including details of how soft barriers have been used successfully in the past to prevent catastrophic injury or death. These brochures will be freely distributed and copyright-free.

Soft barriers are not being used as much as they should be mainly due to a lack of knowledge on the part of the public, racetrack operators and race event sanctioning organizations concerning not only the impact attenuation effectiveness of soft barriers compared to the traditional use of haybales and tire walls, but also concerning the economic viability of using soft barriers. Just as car drivers had to be educated on the use of seat belts and air bags, getting the message out about using soft barriers will promote racetrack safety. Publicizing the often dramatic results of using soft barriers is an effective way to improve racetrack safety.

The official Roadracing World Action Fund website provides educational information regarding the use of soft barriers, and addresses other motorcycle racing safety issues.

Fundraising for the Roadracing World Action Fund is conducted through the official website, creating a community of contributors with a shared goal of making motorcycle racing safer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns airfence/soft barriers purchased by the Roadracing World Action Fund?

Soft barriers purchased by the Roadracing World Action Fund, Inc. remain the property of the non-profit organization.

How do you determine where air fence will go next?

Soft barriers deployed at race tracks by Roadracing World Action Fund are placed specifically for demonstration purposes, in order to educate racers, race track owners, and race sanctioning organizations and the general public about the effectiveness of using soft barrier over conventional barriers such hay bales or tires in preventing crash injuries.

Depending on availability and other geographical and logistical considerations, Roadracing World Action Fund soft barrier will appear at events of at least three days sanctioned by organizations that license motorcycle road racers, conduct races attended by the public and who are willing to assist in deployment soft barrier. To host a soft barrier demonstration at your event, contact us at 951-245-6411.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, it is, under section 501 (c) 3.