Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen
Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen

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Item #SGR0004

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14 Reviews
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Verified Purchaser

Verified Purchaser
Oconomowoc, WI
Great windshield, great service.

Everything went as planned. Got a really nice windshield for a 20 year old motorcycle in a just a few days. That exceeded my expectations.

Verified Purchaser
Golden, CO, USA
Zero Gravity sport touring screen Vtr1000

I replaced the stock screen with the ZG smoke unit. Was delivered quicker than promised! Easy to install...fit perfectly. As a taller rider, it provides a clean air space at my helmet. Still have wind pressure on shoulders but that assists with taking weight off hands. Rode this week in rain and considering this bike has a sporting stance, had pretty good protection. (It's never going to give coverage like a gold wing...thankfully) Great purchase!

Verified Purchaser
Easy fit

Easy to fit and quality product. Would by a shorter windshield as my old one was a puig .. But good value

Verified Purchaser
Long Island, New York, USA
Zero gravity sport touring wind screen

Great fit and finish. Not sure I would recommend it to everyone I had a problem with wind coming off the windscreen running directly under my helmet shaking my head and making things really noisy
Still a quality piece Had I been a little taller or shorter it may have been perfect. Sent it back and got the zero gravity dark smoke stock height wich made me much happier

Verified Purchaser
Struthers, OH, USA
Vast improvement over the previous windscreen

Mounted on Suzuki 2011 GSX 1250 FA

Windscreen does not include relief slots for SKU# 94612-17H01 COVER, SCREEN. This is a problem. Cover screen does not like to stay in place. Had to pick it up off the road twice. Tried a number of jury rigs,
nothing worked. The third time it was ran over. $30 to replace. Not fun. Found a good jury rig.
My second Zero Gravity in two years. I like the little up-sweep in the top
of the windscreen. It changes the wind flow from the middle of my face shield to the top of my helmet. This is a vast improvement over the previous

Top 1000 Contributor
Charlotte, NC
2003 SV1000s

I am 6'1" tall and the OEM windscreen pushed wind right into my helmet. Looking for more deflection, I checked with ZeroGravity as I love the fit and finish of the screen I put on my 2006 GSX-R1000 track bike. Just like before, the windscreen looks good, works good, and fits perfect.

Verified Purchaser
Redwood City, CA, USA
Good Fit

My overall experience with MotoSport was excellent. The website was easy to use and the products were identified clearly and correctly. The delivery was fast. The product was as described and a perfect fit.

Thanks, MotoSport! Look forward to doing business with you again soon!

Verified Purchaser
Sulphur, LA, USA
Zero Gravity Dark Smoke S/T Windscreen

Fitment was good on my ZX-14R except for the front two plastic washer, had to open up holes so they would fit

Verified Purchaser
Sacramento, CA, USA
Taller,thinner windscreen

This windscreen looks great. It is thinner than stock and does not fit as snug due to absence of interlocking tabs. It directs wind blast slghtly higher ,but for my height is a slight improvment over stock.

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3 Questions
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Q: I am 6ft tall on a ZX1400 with 4" taller bars, how much taller than stock is this shield?
Over 3 years ago
MotoSport Staff
Over 3 years ago
A: The Zeor Gravity Sport Touring screen is 4" taller than the stock screen measured from the top of the steering stem to the center top of the windscreen.
Q: Size
Over 4 years ago
What are the dimensions of this screen..? Would like to know if its any taller than the one i've got fitted. Thanks
MotoSport Staff Expert
Over 4 years ago
A: I would need to know what kind of bike you have to give you accurate dimensions but this screen should be significantly taller than any OEM screen. Sport Touring Series screens feature a unique design to reduce the windblast on the rider and provide more comfort while in the upright riding position.
Q: Do you require the well nut kit with this screen or can I use the existing ones on the bike?
Over 4 years ago
Over 4 years ago
A: You should be able to use the ones already on it. I did it just fine.
MotoSport Staff
Over 4 years ago
A: Sport Touring Series windscreens are pre-drilled to factory specs and can be used with O.E.M. and or Zero Gravity® well nut kits.
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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Clear 23-157-01
Clear 23-274-01
Clear 23-315-01
Clear 23-454-01
Clear 23-506-41
Clear / Standard 23-507-41
Clear 23-805-41
Clear 23-858-41
Clear 23-726-01
Clear 23-728-01
Clear 23-708-01
Clear 23-730-01
Clear 23-424-01
Clear 23-423-01
Clear 23-425-01
Clear 23-405-01
Clear 23-406-01
Clear 23-463-01
Clear / Standard 23-417-01
Clear 23-455-01
Clear 23-453-01
Clear 23-281-01
Clear 23-291-01
Clear 23-203-01
Clear 23-204-01
Clear 23-261-01
Clear 23-320-01
Clear 23-246M-01
Clear 23-325-01
Clear 23-175-01
Clear 23-161-01
Clear 23-171-01
Clear 23-170-01
Clear 23-151-01
Clear 23-107-01
Clear 23-113-01
Clear 23-106-01
Clear 23-108-01
Clear 23-110-01
Clear 23-112-01
Clear / Standard 23-134-01
Clear / Standard 23-133-01
Clear 23-156-01
Clear 23-576-01
Clear 23-539-01
Clear 23-580-01
Clear 23-090-01
Clear 23-101-01
Clear 23-105-01
Clear 23-111-01
Clear 23-114-01
Clear 23-130-01
Clear 23-131-01
Clear 23-167-01
Clear 23-180-01
Clear / Without Black Vinyl Mask 23-206-01
Clear 23-207-01
Clear 23-222-01
Clear 23-223-01
Clear 23-241-01
Clear 23-244-01
Clear 23-262-01
Clear 23-271-01
Clear 23-272-01
Clear 23-282-01
Clear 23-311-01
Clear 23-401-01
Clear 23-403-01
Clear 23-407-01
Clear 23-408-01
Clear 23-426-01
Clear 23-443-01
Clear 23-452-01
Clear 23-461-01
Clear 23-462-01
Clear 23-523-01
Clear 23-535-01
Clear 23-540-01
Clear 23-738-01
Clear 23-905-01
Clear 23-907-01
Clear 23-910-01
Clear / With Black Vinyl Mask 23-913v-01
Clear / Without Black Vinyl Mask 23-914-01
Clear / With Black Vinyl Mask 23-914v-01
Clear 23-972-01
Clear 23-980-01
Clear 23-542-01
Dark Smoke 23-157-19
Dark Smoke 23-424-19
Dark Smoke 23-281-19
Dark Smoke 23-262-19
Dark Smoke / Standard 23-134-19
Dark Smoke 23-580-19
Dark Smoke 23-104-19
Dark Smoke 23-105-19
Dark Smoke 23-106-19
Dark Smoke 23-107-19
Dark Smoke 23-108-19
Dark Smoke 23-113-19
Dark Smoke 23-114-19
Dark Smoke 23-132-19
Dark Smoke / Standard 23-133-19
Dark Smoke 23-161-19
Dark Smoke 23-170-19
Dark Smoke 23-180-19
Dark Smoke 23-204-19
Dark Smoke / Without Black Vinyl Mask 23-206-19
Dark Smoke 23-207-19
Dark Smoke 23-222-19
Dark Smoke 23-225-19
Dark Smoke 23-242-19
Dark Smoke 23-246m-19
Dark Smoke 23-261-19
Dark Smoke 23-274-19
Dark Smoke 23-282-19
Dark Smoke 23-311-19
Dark Smoke 23-402-19
Dark Smoke 23-404-19
Dark Smoke 23-405-19
Dark Smoke 23-407-19
Dark Smoke / Standard 23-417-19
Dark Smoke 23-443-19
Dark Smoke 23-454-19
Dark Smoke 23-460-19
Dark Smoke 23-462-19
Dark Smoke 23-464-19
Dark Smoke 23-520-19
Dark Smoke / Standard 23-537-19
Dark Smoke 23-539-19
Dark Smoke 23-570-19
Dark Smoke 23-576-19
Dark Smoke 23-578-19
Dark Smoke 23-579-19
Dark Smoke 23-708m-19
Dark Smoke / Standard 23-712-19
Dark Smoke 23-727-19
Dark Smoke 23-728-19
Dark Smoke 23-903-19
Dark Smoke / Without Black Vinyl Mask 23-913-19
Dark Smoke 23-972-19
Dark Smoke 23-980-19
Light Smoke 23-157-02
Light Smoke 23-274-02
Light Smoke 23-315-02
Light Smoke 23-454-02
Light Smoke 23-506-42
Light Smoke / Standard 23-507-42
Light Smoke 23-805-42
Light Smoke 23-858-42
Light Smoke 23-855-02
Light Smoke 23-856-02
Light Smoke 23-727-02
Light Smoke 23-708-02
Light Smoke 23-730-02
Light Smoke 23-703-02
Light Smoke 23-704-02
Light Smoke 23-702-02
Light Smoke 23-424-02
Light Smoke 23-423-02
Light Smoke 23-425-02
Light Smoke 23-407-02
Light Smoke 23-404-02
Light Smoke 23-405-02
Light Smoke 23-406-02
Light Smoke 23-463-02
Light Smoke / Standard 23-417-02
Light Smoke 23-455-02
Light Smoke 23-453-02
Light Smoke 23-441-02
Light Smoke 23-291-02
Light Smoke 23-203-02
Light Smoke 23-204-02
Light Smoke 23-261-02
Light Smoke 23-320-02
Light Smoke 23-262-02
Light Smoke 23-263-02
Light Smoke 23-246M-02
Light Smoke 23-325-02
Light Smoke 23-175-02
Light Smoke 23-161-02
Light Smoke 23-171-02
Light Smoke 23-170-02
Light Smoke 23-151M-02
Light Smoke 23-107-02
Light Smoke 23-109M-02
Light Smoke 23-113-02
Light Smoke 23-106-02
Light Smoke 23-108-02
Light Smoke 23-110-02
Light Smoke / Standard 23-134-02
Light Smoke / Standard 23-133-02
Light Smoke 23-156-02
Light Smoke 23-576-02
Light Smoke / Standard 23-537-02
Light Smoke 23-538-02
Light Smoke 23-539-02
Light Smoke 23-578-02
Light Smoke 23-579-02
Light Smoke 23-580-02
Light Smoke 23-104-02
Light Smoke 23-111-02
Light Smoke 23-114-02
Light Smoke 23-180-02
Light Smoke / Without Black Vinyl Mask 23-206-02
Light Smoke / With Black Vinyl Mask 23-206v-02
Light Smoke 23-207-02
Light Smoke 23-244-02
Light Smoke 23-270-02
Light Smoke 23-281-02
Light Smoke 23-282-02
Light Smoke 23-311-02
Light Smoke 23-408-02
Light Smoke 23-421-02
Light Smoke 23-426-02
Light Smoke 23-443-02
Light Smoke 23-461-02
Light Smoke 23-462-02
Light Smoke 23-521-02
Light Smoke 23-523-02
Light Smoke 23-535-02
Light Smoke 23-536-02
Light Smoke 23-729-02
Light Smoke 23-738-02
Light Smoke 23-907-02
Light Smoke 23-910-02
Light Smoke / With Black Vinyl Mask 23-913v-02
Light Smoke / Without Black Vinyl Mask 23-914-02
Light Smoke 23-980-02
Light Smoke 23-542-02
Thick Clear 23-212-41
Thick Clear 23-465-41
Thick Clear 23-911-41
Thick Light Smoke 23-212-42
Thick Light Smoke 23-465-42
Thick Light Smoke 23-911-42
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